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The Future of MIDI Generation

W. A. Production and Liminal Sphere proudly unveil LOOP ENGINE 2, the trailblazing successor in their lineup of multi-voice loop tools, now even more potent with cutting-edge enhancements.

LOOP ENGINE 2 continues the evolution of MIDI generation, building upon the esteemed legacy of the CHORDS plugins while breaking new ground. Discard the constraints of static chord shapes and divisible segments; Loop Engine 2 propels riffs, arps, and melodies into uncharted territories with its advanced tonal and rhythmic capabilities.

Progressions for any genre in no time

No matter your preferred genre, Loop Engine 2 will effortlessly generate note progressions based on chord shapes and rules that you select.  This plugin is your one-stop shop for assembling tonally and rhythmically engaging patterns - from simple to complex designs. 

Intricate loops across multiple tracks

Loop Engine 2 into your DAW project is now easier than ever. The eight voices of the plugin can be routed to any number of MIDI instruments, using our included Loop Engine Listener plugin. With these tools, you can create intricate loops that span across multiple tracks in your DAW, or use the presets as a starting point for crafting fantastic loops.

LOOP ENGINE 2 goes beyond the norm, enabling you to craft MIDI loops with unprecedented intuitive controls to sculpt the algorithms, ensuring a constant stream of inspiration and innovation for your tracks.


  • Note Editor: Delve into the realm of complex polyphony. Create elaborate melodies, basslines, arpeggios, and rhythms that extend beyond conventional chord notes. The Note Editor offers seamless note placement, intuitive content transfer, and a scrollable piano roll for ultimate creative control.
  • Poly (Revised): Craft intricate polyrhythmic patterns with the updated POLY feature, allowing segments to weave together in mesmerizing syncopation, highlighted during playback for an immersive composition experience.
  • AUX Notes: The innovative 'AI wizard' enhances your melodies and harmonies with tasteful passing notes, automatically inserted to enrich chord transitions. This live function adds another layer of sophistication to your music, with more enhancements planned for future updates.
  • Listener Update: The revamped Listener now provides three modes to manage AUX Notes output, ensuring seamless integration into your tracks.
  • Multi-track Manipulation: Loop Engine's advanced routing and playing options enable the seamless integration of up to 8 different MIDI parts into your DAW, fostering complex multi-track loops with the Loop Engine Listener.
  • Loop View: Globally adjust chord inversions, lengths, speeds, and keys. Fine-tune your entire riff or dive deeper with granular control over individual chord shapes, inversions, and velocity.
  • Chord Mode: Manipulate a broad spectrum of playback options for each chord with straightforward controls, transforming chord shapes and inversions for novel sonic textures.
  • Tensions & Extensions: Select from 21 chord types and apply Type and Tension using transformation buttons, bringing fresh sounds to Loop Engine's Advanced Mode.
  • Creation Station: Generate new chords with the "Create" button, leveraging 30 chord types and tensions for organic harmonic progressions.
  • Simple Segments & Partition Playback: Sketch out ideas with up to 8 chord segments, each with 16 partitions, and experiment with melody and rhythm creation.
  • Overlap Mode: Unleash self-generating melodies with the POLY button, creating patterns that interact dynamically with changing chord segments.
  • Export MIDI: Customize your chords and riffs further by dragging and dropping directly into your DAW for editing and integration into your projects.
  • Powerful Presets: Access a variety of categorized presets for chords, riffs, and arpeggios, providing a starting point for musical exploration.

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