PA Releases 2023

(List Price: $599)

Own every plugin we release this year for $399. Don’t miss out on a single plugin for mixing, mastering, and music creation in 2023. For a limited time, buy “PA Releases 2023” for the intro price of $399 (MSRP $599).

Get world-class analog emulations including patented TMT consoles, a tape machine, legendary compressors, must-have EQs and innovative tools to shape your sound. Expect some real bangers from top brands including ADPTR, AMEK, Black Box, Brainworx, Kiive, Lindell and many more.

How it works

On the release day of each plugin, just go to the PA store, log into your account, add the new PA 2023 plugin to your cart. The price will be reduced automatically to $0.

Prefer a Rent-2-Own payment plan?

Simply head over to the PA Releases 2023 Rent-2-Own product page.10 monthly $39.99 payments, and you will own them ALL for life. Hurry! The Rent-2-Own offer expires end of February 2023.

Released already: 

  • Lindell MBC
  • AMEK Mastering Compressor
  • Kiive Audio Xtressor
  • Kiive Audio Tape Face
  • Brainworx bx_masterdesk Pro

Upcoming Releases:

  • AMEK Console 200
  • BX Mastering DAW
  • Black Box HG-Q
  • Harris Doyle Natalus EQ
  • Lindell TMT console
  • and more, please stay tuned!

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Legal Disclaimer: The following product(s) are planned, but may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. In the event a product isn’t released in 2023, you will receive a perpetual license for the product if/when it is available. Plugin Alliance has the full discretion to change, alter, omit, cancel, or add to the product offerings at any time.

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