The VENUE | AAX Bundle V1.1 features ten of the most indispensable live sound tools offered by Plugin Alliance. This bundle installer has been tuned and tested to run perfectly on your AAX Venue system, allowing you to take your Plugin Alliance go-to toolkit to the live arena. Using our USB authorization, you can keep your license, installation folder, and any media or session files all on one drive – just show up to your gig, plug into the console, and get to your mix. As when purchasing any Plugin Alliance product, all formats are included with your license, allowing you to use your plugins on any supported platform.

These plugins have been hand picked to represent the most invaluable tools in the Live Sound trade, and now include updated EUCON control surface mapping, meeting the AVID standard for enabling intuitive parameter adjustments on the fly. New to V1.1 of the VENUE | AAX bundle come additions to each kind of processor offered, plus more. SPL TwinTube offers the ability to quickly add and boost harmonic content with gentle to extreme tube saturation through a simple control interface. From Brainworx, bx_opto is a powerful optical compressor with a built-in sidechain filter that can produce anything from subtle peak reduction to smashed and pumping sounds, while bx_refinement can easily de-harsh and soften tones before adding mild tube saturation and clean presence.

Additionally from Brainworx come two of the developer’s most successful and powerful tools: The flagship M/S EQ - bx_digital V3 - and the component-level tolerance modeling channel strip - bx_console. bx_digital V3 provides a comprehensive set of filters and metering based around M/S technology that allow you to treat the frequency response of mono and stereo information separately, while including innovative parameters like the Dynamic EQ, Gain Scale control, and Mono-Maker. bx_console features a patent-pending Tolerance Modeling Technology that incorporates the theoretical variation between the measured values of 150 different components in one modeled channel strip from a Neve VXS, then calculates values for 71 additional channels within one plugin; this results in a digital model that exhibits startlingly similar characteristics to a physical analog mixing desk, on top of including a punchy compressor and musical EQ bands.

All ten plugins are included in a single installer and all will run as 14-day full function demos; just use your Plugin Alliance account to sign in and authorize your VENUE console or USB stick. Whether at your local club or on tour, you’ll be up and running in no time – on any VENUE | AAX console, wherever your gigs may take you.

Total list price of the included plugins: $2,170 – you save over 52% when purchasing the bundle!

This bundle can be paid off in twelve easy payments with no interest charged! Just select the financing option in the installment page during the checkout process.

If you already own some of the plugins in this bundle, your personal price will be discounted to reflect the plugins you’ve already paid for. If you’re logged into your Plugin Alliance account, the price displayed for this bundle will automatically be discounted. The discount is calculated by adding up the MSRPs of each plugin you already own and then applying the discount percentage for the entire bundle, then crediting it against the full retail price for the bundle. Easy and fair! Please see our financing FAQ for additional details on how personal pricing and financing work together.

Platform Disclaimer: The VENUE | AAX bundle is currently only supported by the specifications on the VENUE | S6L. Due to graphical user interface limitations, use of the plugins included in this bundle is not officially qualified for the VENUE | S3L-X.

Legal Disclaimer: Neve, VXS, and 88RS are registered trademarks of AMS/Neve, Inc. bx_console was developed by Brainworx Music and Media GmbH based on its own modeling techniques. AMS/Neve has not endorsed nor sponsored the bx_console in any manner, nor licensed any intellectual property for use in this product.

Bundle Products

    • Brainworx
    • bx_console
    • bx_console takes in-the-box mixing to a new level of analog realism using Brainworx’s new Tolerance Modeling Technology.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_digital V3
    • The M/S EQ! Future Music’s “Plugin of the Decade” gets a raft of new features for V3 plus a lower price!
    • Brainworx
    • bx_opto
    • This extremely musical optical compressor from Brainworx delivers opto tone to tracks and busses.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_refinement
    • Bring tube-like analog mastering chain tone into your DAW. Easily soften high frequency harshness in mixes and masters.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_saturator V2
    • Add subtle warmth or crushing distortion with this flexible and sonically sweet processor.
    • elysia
    • mpressor
    • With ground-breaking features like a gain reduction limiter and negative ratios, the mpressor redefines what a compressor can do.
    • Maag Audio
    • EQ4
    • THE wonder EQ for vocals. Adds that magic “Air” to your vocal tracks.
    • SPL
    • De-Essers
    • The SPL De-Essers remove undesired sibilant frequencies simply and precisely without compromising the timbre and character of your vocals.
    • SPL
    • Transient Designer Plus
    • The New Plus version features improved emulation of the hardware along with additional features not found in the original.
    • SPL
    • TwinTube
    • SPL’s TwinTube hardware is the go-to device for adding tube tone and warmth to digital tracks. This coveted device is now available as a plugin.

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Q: What determines whether or not a bundle is available for financing?

A: Financing is only available for Curated Bundles. No financing is available for Custom Bundles.

Q: What determines whether a Curated Bundle has 6 month or 12 month financing?

A: If the Curated Bundle price is $1,000 or more, 12 month financing is offered
If the Curated Bundle price is more than $500 but less than $1,000, 6 month financing is offered
If the Curated Bundle is price is less than $500 no financing is offered.

Q: How does my “personal price” on Curated Bundles affect the financing offered?

A: Financing is offered based on the price charged for the Curated Bundle, so if your personal price is below $500, there is no financing offered. If it’s between $500 and $1,000, then 6 month financing is offered and if it’s over $1,000 then 12 month financing is offered.


With the Installation Manager, you can select, download and install just the Plugin Alliance products and formats you need for your system. During this initial release, we at Plugin Alliance look forward to hearing the feedback of our valued customers, as your input will help shape future versions of this utility.