Easily tune, de-ess, and enhance your vocals with this curated collection

Take your vocals to the next level with all the easy-to-use plugins you need to produce vocals with that professional studio sound. The Vocal Collection has everything you need to tune, de-ess and enhance your vocals.

Brainworx bx_crispytuner and bx_crispyscale vocal tuning suite

A powerful and easy-to-use vocal tuning suite with a wealth of options for beginners and pros. Correct the pitch of your vocals, create vocal harmonies, detect pitch, and apply dramatic automatic tuning for the highly-processed vocal sound we all know from rap and R&B. Put bx_crispytuner into live mode, and you can even tune your vocals live on stage with zero latency.

Lindell Audio 902 De-Esser

An exacting emulation of the revered dBx 902 de-esser. The 902 De-Esser allows you to quickly and smoothly de-ess anything from the loudest shout to the quietest whisper. Then, with the “mix” knob and “air” control, you can restore and enhance the brightness of your vocals so they really shine.

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Noveltech Vocal Enhancer

Radically improve your vocals by intelligently enhancing the elements that make them pleasing to the human ear. The plugin’s Intelligent Adaptive Filtering Engine automatically enhances the frequencies, dynamics, and depth of your vocals to really enhance vocals in your mixes and masters.

Purple Audio MC77

Vocals sound great through FET compressors, and there’s no better example of a FET than the Purple Audio MC7, an improvement on the iconic 1176. Get unrivaled tone and lightning-fast response with remarkably quick attack time, flexible release, four ratios and multi-button modes.

Lindell PEX 500

Add clarity, silky smooth high end, and punchy low end to your vocals with this Pultec-Style EQ. With an all-discrete design, based on Lindell Audio’s hybrid amplifier, get an excellent tone-shaping tool with musical band interactions. Add the warmth of transformer saturation to your vocal signal with a tap of the Analog button.

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Bundle Products

    • Brainworx
    • bx_crispytuner
    • NEW M1 Update: Amazingly easy-to-use vocal tuning that’s simple enough for a total beginner, and powerful enough for a pro.
    • Lindell Audio
    • 902 De-Esser
    • The sound of the classic dbx 902 de-esser in a plugin that automatically adjusts to any signal for smooth de-essing and incredibly simple operation.
    • Lindell Audio
    • PEX-500
    • A passive Pultec-style equalizer with musical band interactions. Use it to creatively sculpt the tone of sounds.
    • Noveltech
    • Vocal Enhancer
    • Polish the most important signal in your mixes. Easy, with professional results.
    • Purple Audio
    • MC77
    • Purple Audio’s impeccable recreation of the classic 1176 FET compressor provides an authentic squeeze with modern updates.

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