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From Mono to M/S Stereo!

Turn ANY mono signal into an M/S Stereo signal! Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Strings, Keys, etc.

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  • WIDE & TIGHT! Out now.

    Frequency-optimized M/S upmixing for vocals, guitars, loops, synths, FX & more.

    How many times did you have to mix a well-recorded signal which just won´t fit in the mix... because it´s mono. With modern mixes becoming tighter and tighter (but wider and wider as well) adding reverb or FX like chorus won´t quite help now as you don´t want to loose the tight center of a lead vocal, acoustic & electric guitar or a screaming synth sound. Still you need to spread these sounds to lay them into the mix perfectly...

    bx_stereomaker will do the job.

    It creates a virtual S signal with analog style filters using advanced digital science. You can solo this virtual S signal! bx_stereomaker will enhance any mono signal to stereo, while allowing you to balance the center of the stereo signal and paying attention to the frequency range of your signal.

    bx_stereomaker is part of the new Brainworx Rock´n´Roll line.

  • VIDEO:


    JAZZ TRIO MP3 - no stereo mics were mixed. All spatiality created with bx_stereomaker!

    MP3: JAZZ TRIO LIVE. bx_stereomaker on Snare, Overheads, Bass & Guitar

    Dirk (Brainworx & PA) recorded 3 famous German Jazz musicians, the "Axel Fischbacher Trio".
    - Guitar: Axel Fischbacher (Phono-Academy winner) - www.axelfischbacher.com
    - Bass: André Nendza (Jazz-Echo 2012 winner) - www.andre-nendza.de
    - Drums: Ulf Stricker (German Über-Drums) - www.ulfstricker.com

    The trio played live, and Axel played straight into the new Jazz Channel of bx_rockrack via a DI box and no additional equipment. The drums were recorded with only 4 mics (BD, SN, M/S).

    For the mix of this song we did not use the S microphone track... instead we inserted bx_stereomaker on Snare, Overheads, the Upright Bass and the Jazz Channel (bx_rockrack).

    One more song of the same Live Jazz Session:

    Axel Fischbacher Trio - Der Kleine (NICE easy clean tune!)

  • Do you own bx_rockrack?

    If you own a valid license of bx_rockrack you can get bx_stereomaker as an "Add On" FOR JUST $50!
    Please enter code bxstmk450 during checkout and you will get a huge discount. bx_stereomaker is a part of the PRO version of the bx_rockrack guitar amp system, that´s why you get this extra discount.

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