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From Mono to M/S Stereo!

Turn ANY mono signal into an M/S Stereo signal! Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Strings, Keys, etc.

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  • WIDE & TIGHT! Out now.

    Frequency-optimized M/S upmixing for vocals, guitars, loops, synths, FX & more.

    How many times did you have to mix a well-recorded signal which just won´t fit in the mix... because it´s mono. With modern mixes becoming tighter and tighter (but wider and wider as well) adding reverb or FX like chorus won´t quite help now as you don´t want to loose the tight center of a lead vocal, acoustic & electric guitar or a screaming synth sound. Still you need to spread these sounds to lay them into the mix perfectly...

    bx_stereomaker will do the job.

    It creates a virtual S signal with analog style filters using advanced digital science. You can solo this virtual S signal! bx_stereomaker will enhance any mono signal to stereo, while allowing you to balance the center of the stereo signal and paying attention to the frequency range of your signal.

    bx_stereomaker is part of the new Brainworx Rock´n´Roll line.

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    JAZZ TRIO MP3 - no stereo mics were mixed. All spatiality created with bx_stereomaker!

    MP3: JAZZ TRIO LIVE. bx_stereomaker on Snare, Overheads, Bass & Guitar

    Dirk (Brainworx & PA) recorded 3 famous German Jazz musicians, the "Axel Fischbacher Trio".
    - Guitar: Axel Fischbacher (Phono-Academy winner) - www.axelfischbacher.com
    - Bass: André Nendza (Jazz-Echo 2012 winner) - www.andre-nendza.de
    - Drums: Ulf Stricker (German Über-Drums) - www.ulfstricker.com

    The trio played live, and Axel played straight into the new Jazz Channel of bx_rockrack via a DI box and no additional equipment. The drums were recorded with only 4 mics (BD, SN, M/S).

    For the mix of this song we did not use the S microphone track... instead we inserted bx_stereomaker on Snare, Overheads, the Upright Bass and the Jazz Channel (bx_rockrack).

    One more song of the same Live Jazz Session:

    Axel Fischbacher Trio - Der Kleine (NICE easy clean tune!)

  • Do you own bx_rockrack?

    If you own a valid license of bx_rockrack you can get bx_stereomaker as an "Add On" FOR JUST $50!
    Please enter code bxstmk450 during checkout and you will get a huge discount. bx_stereomaker is a part of the PRO version of the bx_rockrack guitar amp system, that´s why you get this extra discount.

        • You’ll be surprised getting to know the Stereomaker
        • Just when you think you know it all - you’ll be surprised getting to know the Stereomaker. I thought - oh yeah another M/S widener that is good spreading a couple of percent but what can be new or better about it?! But this thing really works - and it works very good on mono stuff without screwing up the whole signal. I use it a lot when doing stem masters. Fast and effectively you can place the backing vocals around the main voice or give the keyboards a better place.

        • Kai Blankenberg - Alexander Klaws, Aura Dione, BAP, Beatsteaks, Apparat

        • There are none that do it as well as the bx_stereomaker
        • There's a lot of plugins that claim to do this sort of effect, but there are none that do it as well as the bx_stereomaker! It works wonders on stereo-izing mono sources such as pads, guitars, special FX, BG vocals and many other elements in the mix, and the included controls are just exactly what's needed to make those things fit.

        • Siegfried Meier - Songwriter/Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Mastering Engineer

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