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Bundle Products

    • PA FREE
    • bx_cleansweep V2
    • Extremely powerful Hi/Lo-Pass filters using advanced Brainworx technology.
    • PA FREE
    • bx_masterdesk Classic
    • The complete high-end analog mastering system in one, easy to use plugin. Get professional masters from some of the best mastering gear available in 3 easy steps.
    • PA FREE
    • bx_rockrack V3 Player
    • 26 amazing guitar & bass sounds, built from 8 different amps! bx_rockrack V3 quality – totally free!
    • PA FREE
    • bx_solo
    • Powerful free tool to get you started with M/S! Includes legendary M/S technology found in Brainworx’s products like bx_control V2.
    • PA FREE
    • bx_subfilter
    • Shape sub content while adding punch and body to any signal. Get it FREE!
    • PA FREE
    • Double MS
    • The SCHOEPS Double MS plugin allows you to decode the three microphone signals of a Double-MS setup. Tailor-made intuitive matrixing on board.
    • PA FREE
    • Free Ranger
    • By SPL! Super Simple 4-band graphic EQ with musical curves and FREE to you!
    • PA FREE
    • niveau filter
    • By elysia! A super simple tone control that works like a set of scales. When you add highs you reduce lows and vice versa. Extremely useful!

Customer Reviews

  • Review

    by Ramo
    هذا المنتج رائع جدا
  • Starter bundle

    by Cyteei
    Great to have this
  • Mi inicio

    by Wilman Corcho
    Estoy iniciando y sigo sus consejos así que espero me puedan guiar, vivo en Colombia en un pequeño pueblo y los muchachos no tienen como pagar un estudio de grabación por eso estoy incursionando… Read More

    by resonancek
  • starter bundle

    by tank
    nice thanks


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