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Noveltech Vocal Enhancer

Noveltech Vocal Enhancer

The easy way to great vocals!

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  • VOCAL ENHANCER™ intelligently enhances the relevant characteristics found in the source, automatically adjusting complex sets of parameters rather than only statically boosting e.g. one specific frequency region. This innovative approach allows you to get to the desired results much faster - with almost instant gratification, requiring only three intuitive user parameters!

    The Noveltech Vocal Enhancer plugin was available for TC´s PowerCore system exclusively for a while.
    We offer a "50% off list price crossgrade deal" for you all! This means you can get this plugin for just $99!

    How does it work?
    Please contact our SALES SUPPORT form and submit your TC PowerCore serial no (authentication ID, hardware serial no). We will send you a voucher code which you can use to buy the plugin at $99. THIS OFFER REQUIRES A VALID TC POWERCORE LICENSE OF VOCAL ENHANCER™.

    You can find the TC authentication ID in the PowerCore Control Panel.
    • Controls

      Input gain
    • Cut/Boost your input signal (-60..+10dB)

    • Output gain
    • Cut/Boost your output signal (-60..+10dB)

    • Enhancement
    • Amount of enhancement signal being added to the boosted input signal (0..100%)

    • Target
    • The target scale from 0 to 100 does not represent absolute frequency.
      It represents the relative position in the full frequency range of the input signal at the current time instant.

    • Strong
    • Toggles between standard (off) and strong (on) processing modes. Standard setting should be off!

    • Low/High filter borders
    • These lines may be moved to narrow or widen the frequency range of the processed part of the signal.

    • Resonance Triangle
    • hese triangles may be movedvertically to increase or decrease the resonance Q-value of the filters

    • Lo/Hi
    • Displays the set frequency from 1.0 kHz to 20 kHz. Double-clicking will open a value input field.

    • Res
    • Displays the set resonance Q-value from 0 to 99. Double-clicking will open a value input field.

    • 12/24 dB/Oct
    • Toggles the steepness of the filters between 12 and 24 dB per octave.

    • Enhancement Meter
    • Meter displaying the amount of overallenhancement in realtime.

    • Display
    • FFT display, showing the amount of processing over the frequency range from 1 kHz to 20 kHz in realtime.

    • Input Meters
    • Indicates input levels with peak hold, the vertical triangle allows level adjustments.

    • Output Meters
    • Indicates output levels with peak hold, the vertical triangle allows level adjustments.

    • Reduction Meter
    • Displays amount of level reduction from top to bottom.

    • Gain Comp
    • Engages automatic gain compensation when lit.
      This function automatically adjusts the output level in orderto keep the input and output peak levels in the same range.

    • Presets
    • There are several presets built into the main window.
      You can select them but not alter them. You can store new presets via your host software easily though.
  • Introduction video with Sound Examples:

    More videos will follow soon.

  • Older Installers (ilok, V1, etc.)

    Legacy Installers

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