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Harshness Control

bx_refinement is an exceptional mastering tool that tastefully removes harsh, hard edges of your tracks without dramatically altering the character and tone of your source material.

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  • Harshness Control

    Harshness control allows you to eliminate unpleasant high frequencies from complex signals and mixes. The intuitive controls of bx_refinement let you adjust various aspects of the sound with ease. Based on M/S (Mid/Side) processing, it imparts a tube-like analog smoothness and is a boon for mix engineers looking to tame unpleasant digital hardness on individual tracks.

    Now You Can:

    • Bring the sound of a tube-like analog mastering chain to your workstations
    • Easily soften high frequency harshness in mixes and masters
    • Inject saturation and presence to subtly enhance your tracks
    • Use the Solo feature to hear exactly what you’re removing from the recording

    Add Tube-like Tone

    bx_refinement is not an emulation of a certain tube sound per se. Instead, it combines several characteristics found in ultra-musical tube-based equipment to give you an effective tool that is easy-to-operate. As you tweak the bx_refinement controls, the tube graphic gives you precise visual feedback showing you how intensely the process is being applied. Simply by looking at the tube’s glow you’ll see how much, how fast, and how dynamic the processing is affecting the signal .

    Easily Target Problem Areas

    With powerful, simple controls, bx_refinement allows you to quickly identify and discard offending frequencies. The core of bx_refinement is the Damping control. It features a dynamic peak band EQ, reducing harsh frequencies. The Solo Filter button lets you listen to only the frequencies you’re removing while the Soft/Hard function sets the character of the processing.

    Dynamic Flexibility

    The Damping Modulation section lets you tweak the processor according to the peak level of the input material. You can also implement an oscillation option to create nice warming effects and adjust the speed of the oscillator with the duration knob. Just sync the oscillator to your DAW’s tempo to emphasize rhythmic aspects of your mix or master. It’s a processor that will truly stand alone in your sonic toolkit.

        • bx refinement is a great tool
        • I've been an analog based mastering engineer for the past 20 years. When people used to ask what plug-ins I used, I would always respond with "plug-ins? I don't use no stinking plug-ins." And then Brainworx came into my life. The bx_refinement tool is not for people looking for wow factor on a mastering buss. But it did wow me. Its subtle way of de-harshing, smoothing, making things smooth and cohesive, deserves a wow. It brings the round and warm back into a master that is different than tradition EQ and compression. The bx refinement is a great tool for for today's over processed and harsh tracks. Bravo Brainworx.

        • Glenn Schick - Mastering Engineer - T.I., Elton John, Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson, Of Montreal.

        • bx_refinement makes things sound better
        • We tried several more mixes and each led us to the same conclusion: bx_refinement makes things sound better, very quickly and very easily.

        • MusicTech Magazine -

        • It really helps clear up the harsh frequencies in a way that no other tool can
        • This plugin is the coolest and strangest tool we've come across. It works wonders on harsh overhead and guitar tracks that we've had come in for mixing. In a mastering setting, it really helps clear up the harsh frequencies in a way that no other tool can. Finding new ways to put this thing to use every day!

        • Siegfried Meier - Songwriter/Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Mastering Engineer

        • A great addition to my arsenal
        • Since a majority of my chain consists of analog gear, I'm very selective when it comes to which plugins I use.  Refinement has definitely been a great addition to my arsenal.

        • Joe LaPorta - Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons, Vampire Weekend - Grammy Nominated Senior Mastering Engineer

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