Redeem Your Voucher Codes Here!

If you have received a voucher code (a unique serial code) for a free PA product (from a dealer or via a promotion), you can redeem it here. Example voucher: PA-BWX-1234ABCD (this is how your voucher code should look). You can turn your voucher code into a standard Plugin Alliance license with the tool below.

Open an account, enter vouchers, checkout, use licenses

  • Register for a free account (only if you don’t have one already!)
  • Enter the complete voucher code in the voucher text entry field below.
  • Click Use Voucher button.
  • Your product will be added to your cart at $0 (zero).
  • You can redeem multiple vouchers in one order.
  • Click Checkout and follow the instructions to receive your license(s) right away.
  • Enjoy your new PA product!

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