Voucher Code

If you bought an Alliance plugin at your local music store or from an online dealer, you should have received a voucher code (a unique serial code) for each plugin you have paid for.
(If you haven’t received a voucher code, please contact your dealer first.)

Example voucher: PA-BWX-1234ABCD (this is how your voucher code should look)

You can turn your voucher code into a standard Plugin Alliance license with the tool below.
You must have an active, free account with us to add the license to your account!

How to Redeem Your Voucher

Open an account, enter vouchers, checkout, use licenses

  • Register for a free account if you don’t have one already.
  • Enter the complete voucher code in the voucher text entry field above.
  • Click Use Voucher button.
  • The product you purchased will be added to your cart with a price of $0 (zero) as you have already paid your dealer.
  • If you purchased multiple vouchers, enter the next voucher code and click Use Voucher again.
  • Click Checkout and follow the instructions to receive your license now.

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