• Matt Still
    Matt Still

    I've been using Plugin Alliance plugins for about a year now. The bx_digital V2 and the Maag EQ4 were the first plugins I bought. They were both very good choices.

    about the EQ4
  • Glenn Schick
    Glenn Schick

    I would say, I’ve been using Plugin Alliance plugins for probably a little over a year now. We’ve had a couple #2 records with them — in fact no one has ever made any comments other than “Wow, your stuff sounds better than it ever has.”

    about the bx_refinement
  • Morgan Page
    Morgan Page

    Pretty much every song of mine uses Brainworx on it. I use the bx_control V2 and bx_digital V2 to help shape the master and keep the low end in control.

  • Khaliq Glover “Khaliq-O-Vision”
    Khaliq Glover “Khaliq-O-Vision”

    I reached out to Dirk a couple years ago when I was working on Michael Jackson’s posthumous album and I thought his Brainworx plugins were amazing.

  • Rafa Sardina
    Rafa Sardina

    The plugins are so relevant. They are not only usable, but very in-depth tools.
    Some of the best out there!

    about the bx_saturator V2