• Richard Chycki
    Richard Chycki

    Plugin Alliance has a great selection of eminently musical, useful plugins many of which are optimized for both AAX DSP and native environments. Authorization allotments are very fair and managing auths could not be easier. Most important, the Alliance listens to users and focuses that input on innovation and product improvement.

  • Glenn Schick
    Glenn Schick

    Plugin Alliance was one of the first places my knowledgeable engineer and producer friends told me to check out. I then made the switch from my old analog rig. And am I glad I did!  From the ease of their installation and account management tools, to no silly iLoks, it was love at first download! Then I found such a great set of Mastering tools! I couldn't live without my bx EQs now! 

  • Greg Wurth
    Greg Wurth

    The thing I love most about Plugin Alliance is their dedication to offering top quality products that are unique and innovative.

  • Craig Bauer
    Craig Bauer

    I've been extremely vocal about a number of the Plugin Alliance tools that I use in my production and mixing. The bx_digital V3, Vertigo VSC-2 and VSM-3 have been in every single mix since they've been available. The new Acme Opticom is quickly becoming another one of those plugins as well. Plugin Alliance provides an invaluable set of tools that I just can't live without if I want to get the job done.

  • ill.GATES

    Plugin Alliance is my go-to source for high end plugins. As a UAD user, I was pleasantly surprised by A/B comparing the Brainworx plugins on both platforms. The sound was identical and the CPU load was surprisingly light! If you're looking to get into high end plugins without being tethered to a piece of proprietary hardware, then Plugin Alliance is a no brainer.

  • Matt Still
    Matt Still

    I've been using Plugin Alliance plugins for about a year now. The bx_digital V2 and the Maag EQ4 were the first plugins I bought. They were both very good choices.

    about EQ4
  • X:144

    What I love about Plugin Alliance the most is the people. They absolutely get it. Which reflects in all of the plugins in their ecosystem. Not only do they understand today’s artists, but they appreciate them. Whether it’s in the thoughtfulness put into each of their plugins, or the interactions I have with them as an artist. I believe they’re very important to our industry, not only by contribution, but by the support they provide us to contribute to the arts ourselves.

  • Benjamin Rice
    Benjamin Rice

    What I love most about Plugin Alliance, is the vast amount of incredibly useful and amazing sounding plugins that are AAX DSP, giving me the ability to work with very powerful and creative tools without having to sacrifice my workflow while tracking.

  • Jason Goldstein
    Jason Goldstein

    Plugin Alliance is a one stop shop for just about all of your plugin needs. Multiple manufacturers, offering some of the best EQ, compression, corrective, and mastering tools on the market today. One account and one license covers them all, it couldn't be more simple. I also really love that they offer FULLY functional demos, allowing the user to truly see what their products are capable of before they commit to buying.

  • Glenn Schick
    Glenn Schick

    I would say, I’ve been using Plugin Alliance plugins for probably a little over a year now. We’ve had a couple #2 records with them — in fact no one has ever made any comments other than “Wow, your stuff sounds better than it ever has.”

  • DJ Frank E
    DJ Frank E

    I love the Plugin Alliance!! To have so many wonderful plugins all under one roof makes finding the right tools for the job so much faster and easier.

  • David Arnold
    David Arnold

    All Plugin Alliance guitar and bass amp modellers have pretty much replaced what I've been using up to this point. The prime reason is character -- they don't sound like plugins, especially anyone else's plugins, which, to a certain extent, I've found sound a bit 'the same.'

  • Khaliq Glover “Khaliq-O-Vision”
    Khaliq Glover “Khaliq-O-Vision”

    I reached out to Dirk a couple years ago when I was working on Michael Jackson’s posthumous album and I thought his Brainworx plugins were amazing.

  • Rafa Sardina
    Rafa Sardina

    The plugins are so relevant. They are not only usable, but very in-depth tools.
    Some of the best out there!