Brainworx bx_subsynth Trailer

bx_subsynth is built around the heart of a dbx 120XP subharmonic synthesizer; Adding sub, punch and saturation to sounds.

Black Box HG-2 Trailer

Hear the owners of Black Box Analog Design and Grammy-winning mix engineer Dave Pensado talk about why the HG-2 is going to be your mix buss’ new best friend.

Subharmonic Synthesis from Brainworx

bx_subsynth is a powerful subharmonic synthesizer that's built to add punch & power to your sounds and utilizes Brainworx's M/S processing for added stereo image control.

The Rise of Unfiltered Audio

A look Inside the minds of Unfiltered Audio’s founders, creators of some of the most innovative plugins on the market.

Dave Audé Interview

Plugin Alliance sits down with Grammy Winning remixer, Dave Audé.

Unfiltered Audio Fault Trailer

Stereo frequency shifter & delay unit with massive modulation capabilities produces tones ranging from familiar effects to otherworldly mangling.