Introducing Unfiltered Audio SpecOps

Unfiltered Audio introduces a new way to slice, dice, mangle and mix your audio using the power of spectral processing with SpecOps.

Instant Delay from Unfiltered Audio

Introducing Instant Delay, Unfiltered Audio's newest delay plugin that borrows from the artifact-free Modern Instant mode of its bigger sibling, Sandman Pro.

Mr. Bill x KJ Sawka - IDM or EDM?

We caught up with electronic music producer/educators Mr. Bill and KJ Sawka while on tour where they performed a joint collaboration of their own musical styles.

Brainworx bx_subsynth Trailer

bx_subsynth is built around the heart of a dbx 120XP subharmonic synthesizer; Adding sub, punch and saturation to sounds.

Black Box HG-2 Trailer

Hear the owners of Black Box Analog Design and Grammy-winning mix engineer Dave Pensado talk about why the HG-2 is going to be your mix buss’ new best friend.

Subharmonic Synthesis from Brainworx

bx_subsynth is a powerful subharmonic synthesizer that's built to add punch & power to your sounds and utilizes Brainworx's M/S processing for added stereo image control.