Brian Vibberts is a Los Angeles-based 6 x Grammy-winning recording and mixing engineer who has worked with platinum artists in many genres (pop, jazz, rock, country, hip hop) and is known for working in high resolution, combining mixing techniques with software and hardware.

Product Reviews

  • NEOLD V76U73

    I love using the V76U73 to give my drums more punch and to get rock guitars to pop out of the speakers and be strong in the mix!

  • Lindell Audio 50 Series

    The Lindell 50 has everything I need to shape the sound all in one plugin! Mixing just got easier.

  • Knif Audio Soma

    The Knif Audio Soma EQ is easy to use and sounds fantastic on everything I tried it on - kick, snare, overheads, vocal, piano, mix bus! The sound of the EQ is smooth and I love the width options. Soma EQ is already in my mixes.