The 8D music videos with hundreds of millions of views on YouTube are an amazing proof of the power of immersive audio. These binaural tracks are produced using plugins like the dearVR MUSIC spatializer.

Do you want to know how 8D productions work in detail? To enable you to easily jump right into mixing immersive audio productions, the guys from Dear Reality created a short tutorial video. This video will show you how to bring your regular stereo mix into the immersive world using the 3D audio spatializer dearVR MUSIC.

By inserting the AAX/VST/AU plugin in the last slot of the FX chain in the DAW you can easily rotate and automate the mix. Using dearVR MUSIC, the same externalization and spatialization can be achieved as you will find in the typical 8D music videos.

dearVR MUSIC is your entryway into immersive music production. The AAX/VST/AU plugin turns your DAW into a 3D virtual reality powerhouse. With state-of-the-art algorithms and a powerful yet fast and intuitive interface, it gives all the tools you need to create stunning realistic, immersive 3D audio for your tracks. 

From 8D/16D to fully immersive audio mixdowns

All previously described 8D, 9D, and 16D productions are generated using final stereo mixdowns as the input source of the spatialization process. This workflow is limiting the creative possibilities a lot!

By inserting the 3D audio spatializer dearVR MUSIC in each audio channel/track/bus during the mixing process, we can bring the whole production to a new level of listening experience. Now, individual channels can be positioned and automated, creating a fully immersive audio mix. The following video is showing this innovative mixing process, which demonstrates a creative approach to mixing binaural jazz music using dearVR MUSIC.