We interviewed guitar hero Chris Broderick from 'In Flames' to discuss the Rackspaces he created for Gig Performer 3 as well as how music technology evolved and how creativity is influenced by it.  

Thanks so much for allowing us to have this interview Chris, first and foremost, how are things? What have you been working on lately? 

Things are going well (as well as can be expected with the global shut down). Right now, I am working on all styles of music from Flamenco, and Classical, to a lot of Metal and even a little Country. I am getting ready to record some playthroughs of solos people have been asking about. 

Then once everyone can start going to shows again, I am sure I will be touring nonstop with In Flames as that was the plan for 2020 and 2021.

What was your first impression of Gig Performer 3? 

It was like seeing the rig I dreamed of, hahaha (no really!!!). It's so effortless to assemble any type of sound you want with any routing (as long as you have the audio ins and outs that you need). It also opens up a new realm of creative sound-making because the interface works seamlessly with the plugins.

What are some of the features that you most liked about Gig Performer 3? 

Low latency, intuitive layout, endless routing capabilities, and the ability to control any parameter on a plugin with the widgets. Oh, and did I mention low latency?

Do you think musicians are spoiled by all the technology these days? Or do you see it as a positive thing? 

Absolutely. Well, I see it as both, there is so much at your fingertips these days in every facet of music. You have DAWs in bedrooms that can release a quality product, videos of all your favorite players on your phone, and now you've got what would have been tens of thousands of dollars of gear 20 years ago on your laptop with Gig Performer 3 and your plugins.

Learn more about his workflow and how to create rack spaces in our next blog entry with Chris. Keep shredding & stay tuned!

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