Eryck Bry demonstrates how he uses the Lindell Audio 69 Series plugin in a jazzy production featuring soulful female vocals. Learn how he uses the Lindell 69 Series’ preamp, EQ, and compressor to enhance the song’s kick, snare, hi-hat, bass, piano, saxophone, and vocals. Gain insight into Eryck Bry’s workflow and start applying his mixing techniques to your arrangements.



Lindell Audio 69 Series (Helios Style Console)
Achieve the warm, rich, and punchy sound of a Helios Type 69 console. These units have been used on records by Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, the Who, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, and Bob Marley. The Lindell Audio 69 Series plugin includes emulations of a Helios F760 Compressor/Limiter, Pre-EQ-69, and Passive 69.


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