Welcome to PA! Do you know you can COLLECT & KEEP every single plugin we offer FOREVER, while paying as little as $9.99 per month?!*   Please read on!

And do you know that PA offers a number of FREE plugins and services like our new FREE Online Mastering?

If you only intend to read one page on our web site, make it this one! Doing so will save you time and money! The tips I put together below are based on the many questions I see on social media and in forums every day.

My name is Dirk Ulrich, and I am the Founder & CEO of Plugin Alliance (PA).

In the first few days after signing up with PA, we will send you a couple of info emails. That's before we will even send you promotions and offers etc.

To get started with some music already, please feel free to install our 8 FREE plugins. Our Installation Manager enables you to install FREE 14-day demo versions of each and every plugin and application we offer. Even our massive MEGA Bundle (180+ products!) can be downloaded with this great application in just a few minutes. One click!

Get creative with the FREE STARTER Bundle! 

We are PA... and who are YOU, please?
I am asking because I am trying to help you to get the most use out of the PA world, while making sure you are not overspending ever. Take a look at the 3 main types of members I see in forums and on social media... and see which one best describes you:
1. THE FREEBIE LOVER - you came here for the FREE services and products!
Whether that is because you are just starting to make music and want to try out what we have, or your current budget for music software is zero, or you are already using music software from other companies… we gladly welcome you at PA! Take a look around, download our free plugins, try any plugin and app we make for 14 days, check our interviews and blog posts, download complete audio sessions for multiple DAWs, and have fun mastering your mixes for FREE on our mastering.studio web site. Enjoy!
2. THE SELECTIVE USER - you pick a few plugins only, no need for all the rest
You're a pro that already has most of the tools he needs? Or a hobby producer who only wants a handful of pro plugins? If you are sure you only want a few of our 180+ products, the best and most affordable way is to follow our email newsletter, and wait for the (almost) daily deals we have for our most loyal email followers. We will be sending out special “Voucher Codes” that can be used to further knock down many public promotion prices that we display on the PA web site! Yes, you read that right: simply follow our email newsletter to get the BEST prices for all deals always! If you have patience and time, you don't need to pay list price.
3. THE COLLECTOR (aka HEAVY HITTER) - you love lots of plugins, and you want the latest and greatest always?!
Well, you came to the right place! No other plugin company releases as many new & high-quality plugins as PA does! BUT: as amazing as our total collection is, please do NOT buy and collect them on a daily or weekly basis.
There is a better (cheaper!) way to growing a big PA collection! Hear me out please…
I see that many people who start “collecting” our plugins easily spend more than $400 per year with us. Some of our users spend WAY more than that. And a lot of them “start easy”, meaning they buy a single plugin in a sale. But over time, they add more and more PA plugins to their collection, and before they realize they have spent hundreds of Dollars with us.


///// PLEASE DON'T EVER SPEND MORE THAN $249.99 PER YEAR (OR $24.99 PER MONTH) WITH US! ///// Learn how to play the PA system like a pro below...!

ALL of our award-winning products in 3 new sizes, and starting at just $9.99 - the mighty MEGA Bundles - at www.pa-megastore.com


*So, what is the secret-sauce with PA?

Did you know... you can collect every plugin we offer forever, while paying as little as $9.99 per month! And you can still keep every plugin you love FOREVER!

How is that possible? Well, the secret-sauce with PA is that we let you KEEP a number of free plugins for every year you use our MEGA bundles.

These plans start at just $9.99 per month (just $99.99 per year if paid upfront) with the MEGA L plan, and up to $24.99 per month (just $249.99 per year if paid upfront) with the new MEGA XXL Bundle.

The MEGA XXL Bundle, for example, is our Top Product, and it offers every plugin we offer, plus an exclusive Computer-assisted Mastering desktop application which you cannot even purchase individually, plus an amazing cloud-connected Sample Player incl. exclusive PA samples, a low-latency plugin host that lets you take your plugins on stage, free HD Online Masters and more. 

Every year we will send you voucher code that lets you pick ANY 3, ANY 6 or even ANY 10 Plugins, depending on your MEGA plan. Just select any of the plugins that are included with your plan and use the code during checkout, and the plugins will be yours forever!


As a MEGA subscriber you pay as little as $9.99 per month, you can use ALL of our services and products for a whole year, and you can pick up to 10 plugins to keep forever… every single year you renew your membership!

So instead of spending hundreds or thousands of Dollars per year with us for a limited number of perpetual licenses, I recommend you sign up for one of the 3 MEGA plans, use everything your bundle has to offer for a whole year, and towards the end of your year you trade in your annual voucher for the plugins you cannot live without anymore.

Should you ever feel like you own all the perpetual licenses you need from us, it’s a one-click unsubscribe to stop your MEGA plan, and you’re done. You still get to keep the plugin you previously selected with your MEGA vouchers, forever!

I hope you don’t mind me going into the details of how to get the most out of your PA membership so early. I just see way too many people in forums and on social media (for example in my personal PA Facebook group) complain that they wished they had known earlier that you can use EVERYTHING we offer if you subscribe to MEGA, while still being able to keep your favorites forever this way.

Literally NO other audio company offers a bundle with a greater value than the MEGA Bundles, and no other company sends you a voucher every year that you can use on virtually ANY of your favorite plugins to keep forever!


Mick Schultz (Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Jeremih) in action with our AMEK EQ 200 plugin.

Mick Schultz, LA

So, why do we give you free plugins with these vouchers?

We get it... as seductive as it may be to have access to ALL our tools for a year, you will have a few favorite plugins that you don't want to miss anymore. Even if you stop subscribing to MEGA. We are so committed to continuing to release new amazing products and services in the future though, that we are convinced we can impress you enough over time for you to stay with PA! And isn't it better to be able to TRY & USE all of our tools for a full year, and making the decision about which ones to keep afterwards? You may find favorites that you didn't even know about! There are a lot of real gems in our portfolio!

There is much more than plugins at PA. We are not "just another plugin store" or marketplace. Please expect a couple of valuable info emails from our team after you sign up with PA, and you will learn about:

  • How to get started with the PA Installation Manager
  • Our Plugin "Top Hits"
  • Our 40 exclusive Partner Brands
  • The intelligent Mastering Audio Workstation from Brainworx
  • Our FREE Online Mastering Service at mastering.studio
  • The new cloud-connected MEGA Sample Player & Looper
  • The Brainworx TMT Patent for analog modeled plugins & console emulations
  • Our MIXED WITH MEGA Sessions, that are available for multiple DAWs!
  • How to play all your favorite PA plugins in low-latency live on stage with Gig Performer
  • Our VIP interviews with lots of Tips & Tricks for better sounding music
  • and so much more…!


Thank you for your attention and time, and welcome again to the Alliance!

All the best,
Dirk Ulrich
(Founder & CEO)
Plugin Alliance & Brainworx