Louder than Liftoff is known for imaginative products that achieve a synergy of sight, sound, and tactile experience. They develop tools that provide palettes of sounds intended to meet the demands of real world applications.


    • $99$29.99
    • Louder Than Liftoff
    • Chop Shop
    • ★★★★★
    • A super musical analog 500 Series EQ. Transforms complexity into simplicity!
      • Hardware Emulations
      • Made by BX
      • Sale

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  • Deniz Koyu

    Deniz Koyu

    DJ & Producer (Spinnin' Records, Nicky Romero, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike)

    This is an extremely fun, very responsive and transparent sounding EQ with some clever behaviour. The newly added low-shelf in combination with the focus shift makes it a very flexible tool that let’s me rebalance a mix instantaneously with great sounding results! Works fantastic on drum busses or individual instruments too.

  • Blank and Jones

    Blank and Jones

    The lastest EQ addition of Plugin Alliance by Louder Than Liftoff, comes in handy, when u want to add some analog style colour to your individual tracks or even your whole mix.

    No matter, if u are looking for some warmth and thump, or clarity, the chop shop EQ does the job. Great presets to get started and to dial in some analog magic. It never has been easier .


  • Ryan Farish

    Ryan Farish

    Artist & Producer

    When I discover a new EQ, the first place I'll try it on is the mix buss, and then immediately on the synth bass or bass guitar track. The LTL Chop Shop EQ instantly sweetens up my tracks, tightens up my mixes, and allows me to dial in the perfect amount of weight in the track by adjusting the lo end balance and the feel I'm looking for, very quickly. It helps me find the music in the mix... this tool allows me to get great results very quickly, keeping me in the flow of the music, which is really important to my workflow and how I produce and mix my music. It's incredibly intuitive and very simple to use, the results are undeniable, and very musical. For me, this tool is pure gold.