Fresh out of university, longtime friends Antoni Ozynski and Mateusz Wozniak formed the first pro audio software company in a post-communist Poland, PSPaudioware.com s.c. (Ozynski A. & Wozniak M.) in 2000. With no recording industry connections and only the quality of their audio processors and the then fledgling Internet to carry them, the audio community quickly took note of their high quality software and PSPaudioware’s reputation began to build.

In 2002, their breakthrough came when they introduced PSP VintageWarmer - an analog-inspired multi-band compressor and saturation processor. Excellent reviews, followed by endless praise from both professionals and hobbyists alike cemented PSPaudioware as a pro audio software company to watch.

Since then, PSPaudioware has released a plethora well-regarded of audio processors. PSPaudioware's mastering grade plug-ins, dynamics processors, and lauded creative effects have become must-haves in project and professional studios across the world.

PSPaudioware has also won the respect of venerable audio hardware companies, with EMT endorsing the PSP 2445 EMT, AVEDIS endorsing the PSP E27 and Lexicon endorsing the Lexicon PSP 42.

From their earliest days, PSPaudioware has been focused on quality and musicality. Their mission statement, core value, and motto has always been simple:

“It’s the sound that counts!”

PSPaudioware’s dedication to delivering high quality processors at affordable prices suitable for the both the professional and the enthusiast continues to win them accolades and grow their user base through word of mouth, stellar reviews, personal appearances at trade shows, and participation in community forums - and they’re just getting started!