Customer Reviews

  • Analog flavor

    by BM
    This is the best sounding flanger-plugin I know. It offers many setting options, I love the ui and its easy to use. Great Plugin.
  • great analog sound

    by Max
    i compared this flanger to many others and was always coming back to this. it's the best.
  • Perfect emulation

    by Krikor
    Sounding just like the real deal, so many possibilities, best flanger plugin for me. You can really manage a lot of different tone with this, especially with the modern/vintage mode and the stereo mode is really bring even more to it. This and the eventide plugin are my favorite.
  • Sounds like the original

    Years ago back in the '80s I used the original ADA Flanger on my pedalboard, and this Plugin is amazing! It can sound subtle to aggressive but adds a musical voice to many instruments, including vocals. Hardrock to Metal guitar sounds killer, that Tube-like tone but on clean elec. guitar or acoustic, classical for jazz, subtle sounds "Beautiful" or wild regeneration as an effective tool.....
  • One of the best flangers ever!

    by Drewskee
    I owned one of these back in 1979 and it's one of the best sounding, most versatile flangers I ever used. This plug in is incredibly close to the analog original with some great additions like stereo out, mix, tempo sync and others. It can get a lot of different tones from chorus to really deep resonant sweeps. This is a killer flanger plug in, truly awesome.
  • A great tool to have with no downsides.

    by Christian
    I'd love to complain about something small about this plugin, but I got nothing. It sounds exactly like an analog flanger. If that's a positive or negative for you is why there is a 14 day demo. But if you want the sound of an ADA flanger, or just a VERY analog sounding flange effect, this is it.
  • Amazing

    by VIP sound technology institute of Dartmouth
    It’s awesome
  • Stellar!

    by James Mullen
    I didn't expect much.. but wow... this thing sounds amazing!
  • Yummy!

    by Black Frost
    I don't use flangers often, possibly because I rarely found one that convinces me in the digital world. The ADA is the first VST flanger that cannot be distinguished from a pedal flanger. It sounds deep and natural and you can shape the effect to your needs, from soft and subtle to extreme. So If you are looking for a natural sounding flange/phase effect: there you are!
  • Ada Flanger

    by Alex Hepting
    Excellent flanger not just the flat pedal flanger thing but nice adding organic and fluid motion. You got pretty much control over the modulation style and I like the diffrent time modes even the old style sounds phat and adds that little analog character to synths and guitars. I would like switching and modulating polarity, phase, motion direction and more stereo imaging control if that makes any sense. The phat and unique flanging sound blends and ties to a mix or on solo instruments in a very deep way. For creating motion in music this is an usable plugin and owns already 5 Stars because of simplicity and usability.