Customer Reviews

  • Top notch weirdness!

    by Faydit
    I like Flanger sounds, but usually found them sounding quickly inflationary, so they usually have to be used decently. As long as you do not use this Flanger!
    I think, this is the most flexible adjustable Flanger, which I ever have heard, from decent modulations to really extreme, crazy and weird sounding detunings - which almost can be too much - you can adjust a lot of completely different, complexly modulated tones, which not only are typical Flanger tones. The implemented presets give a good overview for individual tweaking.
    Additional options like saturation or the 1979/2009 switching even increase the sonic flexibility.
    Equally well usable for guitar or bass, for clean up to high gain tones, but also for keyboards, synthesizers (add it to a Taurus pedal or Minimoog...) or even drums or percussion.
    Outstanding, unique (pedal) plugin! Highly recommended!
  • This Pedal (almost) Makes Me Believe In God!!

    by Lucas
    I slept on this for a while, not because I wasn't sure if I needed it, but because as someone who grew up with hardware I was honestly sick of trying out unimpressive emulations of pedals. A few companies do it right, modeling hardware and getting that magic into 1s & 0s (Nembrini and Kuassa both have some definite winners,) but for the most part I'd demo a pedal plugin and then uninstall it a day later. This flanger though? This is money. No other flanger comes close to this beast, and I've actually had the opportunity to use the hardware on a couple occasions, some years ago, and was impressed then, but this emulations is no less impressive.
    I haven't read the other customer comments on this, but since this is technically a guitar pedal, and knowing the guitarists that I do, I have to imagine that there's *someone griping that the 2.5-2.6kHz range doesn't garbly-warb enough with X-amount of dB going into it from a '54 Telecaster, or some other such random geekery. Despite any such possible nay-sayers, this thing is a big ol' hunk of gorgeous from where I'm standing. I can't speak on synths, but for guitar and Rhodes/Mark X uses, this thing shines.
    So... yeah, pretty damn happy over here. No more searching for another flanger. Ever. (:D
    Nineteen Stars. * * * * * * * * * etc...
  • Exquisite

    by YnJ
    My go to flanger, the most luscious flanger I know and in all it's simplicity exactly what I want in a flanger
  • love it

    by snksnw
    I love this sound. must have
  • great one!

    by Gerard
    Great plugin, love the two modes which make it even more versatile!
  • Analog flavor

    by BM
    This is the best sounding flanger-plugin I know. It offers many setting options, I love the ui and its easy to use. Great Plugin.
  • great analog sound

    by Max
    i compared this flanger to many others and was always coming back to this. it's the best.
  • Perfect emulation

    by Krikor
    Sounding just like the real deal, so many possibilities, best flanger plugin for me. You can really manage a lot of different tone with this, especially with the modern/vintage mode and the stereo mode is really bring even more to it. This and the eventide plugin are my favorite.
  • Sounds like the original

    Years ago back in the '80s I used the original ADA Flanger on my pedalboard, and this Plugin is amazing! It can sound subtle to aggressive but adds a musical voice to many instruments, including vocals. Hardrock to Metal guitar sounds killer, that Tube-like tone but on clean elec. guitar or acoustic, classical for jazz, subtle sounds "Beautiful" or wild regeneration as an effective tool.....
  • One of the best flangers ever!

    by Drewskee
    I owned one of these back in 1979 and it's one of the best sounding, most versatile flangers I ever used. This plug in is incredibly close to the analog original with some great additions like stereo out, mix, tempo sync and others. It can get a lot of different tones from chorus to really deep resonant sweeps. This is a killer flanger plug in, truly awesome.