Customer Reviews

  • Yummy!

    by Black Frost
    I don't use flangers often, possibly because I rarely found one that convinces me in the digital world. The ADA is the first VST flanger that cannot be distinguished from a pedal flanger. It sounds deep and natural and you can shape the effect to your needs, from soft and subtle to extreme. So If you are looking for a natural sounding flange/phase effect: there you are!
  • Ada Flanger

    by Alex Hepting
    Excellent flanger not just the flat pedal flanger thing but nice adding organic and fluid motion. You got pretty much control over the modulation style and I like the diffrent time modes even the old style sounds phat and adds that little analog character to synths and guitars. I would like switching and modulating polarity, phase, motion direction and more stereo imaging control if that makes any sense. The phat and unique flanging sound blends and ties to a mix or on solo instruments in a very deep way. For creating motion in music this is an usable plugin and owns already 5 Stars because of simplicity and usability.
  • Now thats flanging

    by Demious
    When using flanging on a guitar, Ive got the cliche heavy flanging sound in my head, quite different from what I would generally use when mixing other instruments. Ive got quite a few flangers that are great, but almost none work very well to get that deep flanger lead sound for heavy guitars. Luckally there is the ADA flanger and so far it hasnt disppointed me. If I want something more classic, or a more modern tone, this one gives me what Im looking for.
  • ada flanger

    by Hflex
    i love flangers & phasers, can't get enough of them and i have a lot of them! they're simple enough creatures and if you treat them right they'll be loyal for life.
    since it's release this is quite simply my go to flanger and i haven't once needed to replace it with any other.
  • A/DA Flanger

    by Koo
    Delicious !
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