Customer Reviews

  • Simply awesome

    by Luke Mornay
    Thanks to Brainworx and PA for bringing this gem to life and our attention. I simply don't mix anymore without this tool, it helps you create some room for your most important elements in the most pleasant way. Def a secret weapon of mine (well, not anymore ha!).
  • Crazy good on drums but not only

    by Krikor
    If you wanna go for dub crazy 80s drums sound this is it! I love this FX. Don't expect you classic delay. It actually works good on anything.
  • Tapped

    by BluelagoonStudios
    I use this delay, on many sources, drums, guitars both acc and electric guitars. If you want a special FX, use the sweep mode, which is a LFO and creates strange noises subtle in the background.
  • STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay

    by StratRat
    Not your 'typical' delay plugin. It can get weird but it works best as a sweetener and a condiment. Creates width and depth with ease and sounds fabulous. Works on pretty much everything and if you add it to a granular synth track, it gets very fun very quickly. Grab one.
  • on drums

    by Produce_in_the_box_fr
    Steroid for the battery bus !!! Exellent !!
  • A/DA STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay

    by mparker
    This is actually not an echo-type delay at all (of which we all have many!), but a quite delicious modulation effect which, like all PA vsts, drips 'quality'. Not what I was expecting at all, but I fell in love with it. And on sale, it was too good to resist!
  • Taped delay

    by Alex Hepting
    Subtle character & thickener. Doesn't require more steps but could live up by saturation or transient shaping.
    Very light on DSP chain, too.
  • STD-1 Stereo Tap Delay

    by SpenceGabor
    This here is a very interesting modulation effect. You're able to dissect a flanging effect in a very distinct manner. It can be subtle, or wild. Great with synths/pads as well as percussion/drums.
  • A/DA STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay

    by Topaz
    One of the best plugins I've used! Couldn't be happier with how this sounds on vocals and synths!
  • STD-1 ADA

    by RodMarant
    El STD-1 me permite realizar sonidos grandes y espaciosos. Es un Delay diferente y especial, como dicen.