Customer Reviews

  • ADPTR Stramliner

    by Mastervargas
    Incredible tool. You can check in real-time what any of the popular streaming services would do to your masters. There were similar tools in the past but not as CPU friendly and with such a great interface. I just can't live without it. Highly recommended!
  • great plugin

    by Mchangani
    Love it
  • good for reference

    by janomix
    Useful with some nice extra info.
  • Good product

    by Neorich7
    I will give a 5 because I love this company. To me is the best one that can really value their customers. I love this plugin because it does what it offers but I would love to see Netflix auditioning feature as well. Hope you take this into consideration as well.
  • Powerful Mastering Tool

    by Alexey Soloviev
    Huge thanks to PA for this awesome plugin, it helps a lot to master your track for streaming with the right LUFS for any music platform. Also it's great that you can use master reference tracks in this plugin to compare your master to professional master sound!
  • WOW

    by Michael Alvis
    I'm very thankful for this. I've always had issues, it seemed, with getting my master levels right after Mastering. Toss this on the Post in my Master and it allows me to dial everything in, while utilizing different codecs. I highly recommend this is youre utilizing multiple platforms
  • Mixing & Mastering

    by Lee
    After using this a few times I've got to say this is amazing. I've gone from really crappy all over the place mixes to okay. I leave this enabled while mixing with SoundCloud selected, I am so happy with the results, this is definitely a main tool for me now. Highly recommended.
  • A must have for modern mastering

    by Krikor
    Really convenient for modern mastering work. I used the Apple AU for iTunes mastering before I got this. This is really a must have and way better as it has all the platforms and different quality. The true peak after encoding is such an important feature. I couldn't leave without this anymore. Even if you are not a mastering engineer this can be useful if you want to check your loudness. I often have premasters sent to me with too much, and I wish them kids would use that to go easier on the compression :)
  • Must Have

    by XDØSE
    Increíble saber que tu música se pasa por el forro el target de loudness de los servicios de streaming
  • Puts your mind at ease!

    by Audiomilitia
    ADPTR always deliver ! Yet another well though out and excellent Analysis and Measurement Tool , In this day and age invaluable to any engineer Mixing and Delivering to Multiple streaming services .