Customer Reviews

  • Útil y necesario

    by Elias Flores
    Un útil complemento de medición de LUFS (integrado, momentáneo termino corto) y true peak, además que lleva la función (A/B comparación) muy poderosa que lleva su hermano mayor
    Y un simulador de códec de plataformas y normalización del audio
    Vale cada centavo!
  • StreamLiner

    by Akal
    very powerful & useful
  • A Must Have for Content Creators!

    by SabotHawk
    Hearing the result of compression on audio in real time is incredible and allows for delivery-centric mixing decisions without ever leaving the DAW. The histogram-like metering that shows the history of the audio signal joins in to make this plugin downright necessary to anyone creating videos for streaming services like YouTube. I use this utility on every project.
  • Streamliner

    by BluelagoonStudios
    I use this since the platforms started to put rules in volume. But they didn't change volume only, but also in sound. And then this tool is just key. I noticed my mixes sound very different on diverse platforms. Even one with metallic extra sound, So I was very happy, that I had this plugin in my arsenal. I decide to write a review because there was another discussion going on, on the web.
  • Streamliner Assessment

    by FXM
    Soli Level Check across all main formats out there!
  • ADPTR AUDIO Streamliner

    by Giles
    This is a great plugin to help you get to the perfect master track and helps you make it compatible with all of the online hosting compression rates like Youtube e.t.c . Out of the box it is user freindly and did not have to dive into any manuals. The GUI interface is clear and gievs you a clear indication of what is going on. It helped me quickly bounce down a version of the master for each platform and it is low on CPU. Keep up with modern mastering requirements and RMS peek levels.
  • Great product

    by MS
    The metering alone makes this worth owning. But add in the ability to A/B a reference, listen thru various platform codecs and render thru those codecs to a file to play on a target device, and its pretty much crazy not to own this if your content is web bound.
  • ADPTR Stramliner

    by Mastervargas
    Incredible tool. You can check in real-time what any of the popular streaming services would do to your masters. There were similar tools in the past but not as CPU friendly and with such a great interface. I just can't live without it. Highly recommended!
  • great plugin

    by Mchangani
    Love it
  • good for reference

    by janomix
    Useful with some nice extra info.