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  • BX Bass Amps — or Death!

    So... I've been using SVT-3 PRO on UAD since it came out. It was a game changer, sounding vastly superior to anything else emulating bass amps from any developer prior. Moreover, it sounded convincingly real and analog, so not just incrementally better. So now that I've finally taken my first and only subscription plan plunge with the MEGA Bundle (swear I'm not getting paid to type this), I can relish the fact that I have a great bass amp when I don't have my Apollo Twin with me. I assume this version sounds identical. And if it does, don't be silly. Get this plugin! Use it on bass guitar. Use it on bass synths. Use it on any low-end source that you need to get immediately extruded from a flat digital sound — without leaving your computer.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you. And YES, it is the same plugin as on UAD. Enjoy.
  • Sound is great, but issues on GUI

    by miura
    Thanks for a great bass-amp plugin! This sound is awesome.
    But, there are some issues on GUI.
    GUI is just a little small.
    In addition, glow effect (reflection of the light) on surface is annoying.
    So its legibility is worse ever.
    It just adds some reality to plugin's interface, not to sound at all!
    I wish it would be improved.
    However, this sound is tight and solid.Sound score is five stars!