Customer Reviews

  • My new favourite bass amp

    by spiritvegetable
    Of the three Ampegs, the VR, B15 and the 3PRO, I think I'm beginning to like the latter one the most. At first I loved the VR because I got a massive tone that was immediately satisfying for rock. The B15 ended up being handy for all other styles that aren't rock. But in comparison they are more limited than the 3PRO. If the tonal balance works right out of the box, then awesome. But I recently ran into a situation where I needed all the bass tracks to pop more (brighter, punchier) on an album that had all VR on it. When I first swapped them all out for the 3PRO, they seemed a little thin, but then I got adjusting all the settings and I was able to not only arrive at the same presence, but I was able to sculpt the tone a lot more than the other amps and I got arrived at the brightness/punchiness I was looking for. For that reason alone, even though it may not sounds as impressive right out of the gate, this amp is a lot more useful to me than the other two. But I'll be using all three, since when the two others fit they fit really well.
  • SVT-3PRO

    by Rosta Foret
    I know the SVT-3PRO very well from the band from my teammate. The bass on the tests is gaining line from the Peavey Minimax amplifier and once I put this plugin on the track, the recording gets on the bass line exactly what it should have, not only I am pleasantly surprised by the result. The line is denser, more striking and readable.
  • Deep Low End

    by history -c
    I like this plugin very much. Usually, I run my bass only through a Aguilar Tone Hammer's DI. The low end is monstrous. It is clean, pronounced, deep and mean. It awakened me with awe inspiring brutal authority.
  • Bass amp chameleon!

    by Faydit
    Excellent amp, equally excellent plugin!
    A wide variety of top notch bass amp tones, which can offer more than enough nice vintage but also a very modern character - due to the separate (clean) gain, (saturated) tube gain and master controls - and a lot in between. Exemplary versatile tone shaping controls, in fact you can adjust almost everything individually, passive and additionally also active with the built-in equalizer.
    Very good allround-bass-amp, suitable for almost every style, but not only.
    Also sounds very interesting as a guitar amp for some more unusual off-mainstream-tones, even better eg. in combination with a (polyphonic) octaver/pitch shifter or with a RAT in front, but can also improve keyboard or synthesizer tones in general in my opinion, particularly I find the SVT-3Pro a fantastic sonic upgrade even for a Taurus, Minimoog or OBX.
    If you only want to buy a single, but very flexible bass amp plugin, this one could be the right choice. A "must-have" in my opinion.
  • SVT-3Pro

    by MS
    Look no further, its that good. Sits in the mix perfectly with very little effort messing with knobs and IRs.
  • You need clean bass

    by Laserpanther
    If your after super clean Modern bass it’s perfect.
    As a bass player if I need that re amp of a Direct signal it’s great. But if your after vintage tones buy the other model. Buy both . Job done.
  • SVT-3PRO

    by PMT Studio
    One word "AWESOME" , true emulation and great tones.
  • This amp is dope

    by Keating
    This is by far my favorite sounding bass amp sim of all time.
    End of review.
  • Bass Amp Heaven!!!

    by Mike
    If you love the modern sound of Ampeg then this is the one!!!
  • One trick pony

    by Ricardo Wheelock
    I only use this emulation when I need a bass that is not huge in the bottom, like for jazz, or latin styles (salsa, cumbia etc). It's a one trick pony, but boy that one trick it does, it does it really well!
    I was doubting between buying this for my UAD systems, or the native, but the difference in price made go Native, I paid like $19 dollars, there is nothing in UADland that costs $19 bucks!