Customer Reviews

  • I like very much.

    by Dekcon
    It is one of the best pedals I have, I like the effect it offers and I think it is very good for the metal style, I recommend it. Greetings. ^_^
  • Yes

    by EA
    Love it
  • Great stompbox

    by Edward Selberie
    This is a great sounding stompbox emulation. I use it with my bx amp simulations or an actual guitar preamp. Best way to enjoy it is to hear it in the mix in stead of in solo. Sits well in the mix.
    Great job bx!
  • Hmm...

    by Keith Moore
    Not even close to emulating the original in my opinion.
  • bx balckdist2

    by Rasec
    excellent plugin! great sound
  • Just like my original pedal

    by MixedbyMe
    A perfect recreation of my Rat pedal
  • Blackdist2

    by Alleycat
    Not a guitarist.
    I find the distortion to be very useful. It has a great tone and is great for recording.
  • bx_blackdist2

    by Eon
    Works extremely well in front of clean amp plugins for that classic, creamy tone. A keeper!
  • OK!

    by alankara
    Nice but not really interesting.
    The User-interface is a little boring but it sounds ok. Not a plug-in I often use.
  • The scream of the mouse

    by Faland
    Good, good, good emu of this historic stomp. Name a rock guitarist who's never used one of this in his career, if you can... Now I can have it directly in my daw, with no hassle at all. Priceless.