Customer Reviews

  • Excelente!

    by Mishaja Cut
  • bx_distorange

    by Goran Alavuk
    worked with real deal , this is good alternative ! really worth of your time ! Instant sound !
  • No frills, but it's just right

    by Andrew T. Walls
    An excellent recreation of this pedal which works perfectly whenever I want to recreate a pedalboard signal chain in front of an ampsim. The guitarist in me has never been a huge fan of the DS-1 or its other Boss cousins...the sounds are a bit one-dimensional and there are certainly other pedal options with more character...but what makes this pedal (and this wonderfully rendered plugin version) a great choice is that it cuts through beautifully in a mix. It's not easy to find a balance between bark and bite in a pedal plugin, but I think bx_distorange does it. Great job, Brainworx!
  • Muy buen producto

    by Davidrums
    Tremenda Disto! Muy recomendada
  • bx_distorange

    by SpenceGabor
    I had the Boss DS-1and loved it. The bx_distorange really does an incredible job capturing it. Cool play on words with the name too: distorange :)
  • Great distortion for tracking

    by Edward Selberie
    This is a nice piece of plugin. I do use it (plus my other PA pedal emulations) a lot. They sound great and the guitar will sit very nice in the total mix. I am so used to these pedals, that I almost do not use my amp for tracking anymore. I do have most of the boss hardware pedals and these plugins are really close to the real pedal. Nice job PA!
  • yes

    by 111
    very cool plugin was very useful
  • Great Disto!

    by Musician B.
    Good sound from little orange box!
  • Nice Sharp Tone

    by Juancan
    This distortion plugin sounds really nice.

    by Zach T
    Plugin sounds so good! The Boss DS-1 was the last pedal I needed for my physical pedal board and I got this plugin to test out the sound first. Got the pedal soon after the plugin and WOW this plugin nails the sound. Great work!