Customer Reviews

  • bx_meter

    by mvh
    my go to meter for working out that perfect level. Highly recommended
  • missing 60fps refresh

    by Saturn Voyager
    Really cool Meter and it´s pretty accurate but please update the meters to work at a refresh of 60fps. It would work much better and would me more visually accurate. Thanks guys
  • Very Good

    by Great!
    One of the best meters!
  • Bx meter

    by Anurag
    I really need a loudness meter and this meter have alll the features thanks plugin alliance
  • Bx Meters

    by HotIceZW
    A a newbie its amazing what this plugin has taught me thus far. Truly magical
  • perfect

    by gdrecords
    preciso strumento per i picco e per RMS
  • Must have

    by DeX
    Let's start here first.
    It ’s important to check with your eyes and ears!

    by TTLangen
    I’ve used this plugin since it was released. Sits in my AD before capturing my outboard. Fast and reliable + easy on the eyes.
  • Great plugin

    by Gino
    Just wish it had a peak value that constantly updated, and LUFS displayed.
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it