Customer Reviews

  • bx meter

    by Pavel Aleksashin
    Very handy for determining rms and peak levels.
  • End Of The Line

    by dsi
    bx_meter is always at the end of the line.
  • I have it

    by bb music
    When I record in the studio house,
    I have to use it.
  • Bx meter, must have

    by MrB
    Bx meter is must have plugin, very clear to have under control signal peak,rms and dynamic
  • meter

    by DearVR
    very light cpu and accurate meter
  • Best plugin s

    by ACKnobbers
    Great meter I use it all the time top notch
  • Bx meter

    by Bd lieutenant
    Automatically choose for any gain stages, just habit, choice of metering graphs, mid/ side/ mono etc
    A fine choice
  • Best meter !!

    by Mario Rdz
    Most intuitive meter. Really easy to use and very accurate. Tried the demo, had to buy it. No brainer
  • Love it!

    by Joel
    Great update to the TT Meter! This is a great tool to be sure you are maximizing the life and dynamics in your mixes.
  • Get It Done

    by kennymonsters
    You should buy this if you are on a budget and need a simple yet accurate RMS meter. I've been using this meter for over a year now and it never disappoints me. Simple GUI, Easy to read values, responds accurately to signal input and as an added bonus it shows your phase correlation. My only gripe is that it doesn't show you how far above union (0dB) you are on the peak value. It just zero's out and turns red. It would be faster for the sake of correction, if you knew just how much clipping is happening.