Customer Reviews

  • ★★★★★
    Simple & Immensely Useful
    by e-Paul
    I have a lot of different metering plug-ins—bx_meter has become my favorite. When mastering I am always trying to maximize my dynamic range (Musicians Against the Loudness War!) and I like the way bx_meter shows the DR along with the peak and RMS values. I also like the vertical orientation of this plug-in—I can tuck it away to one side of my screen, leaving me space to work with other plug-ins. Other useful features include the stereo placement and correlation. You can also quickly solo the mid and side bands. It has everything I need.
  • ★★★★★
    Piece of mind accuracy
    by MixingITB
    This meter has the unique capability to see the stereo correlation which eliminates my need for another plugin. The K-metering system is a nice touch which again, eliminates the need for another plugin. The ability to check levels for all stereoscopic modes is something I would have to stack plugins to do while the bx_meter does it all in one interface.
    The vertical orientation is my definitive choice of view. The ability to see the range bar(s) in either a static or dynamic position is really a nice touch. Sometimes you want to look at peaks and just consider range secondary while other times, you're checking loudness and having the range in a static position is just genius. That was a really nice feature. I also like that you can choose to have a solid bar or two individual ones for mono or stereo range respectively.
    No iLOK! Thank goodness. USB activation or system activation is all you need for this meter and the process couldn't be easier. Thank you again.
    This does a great job for peak metering...very good. The RMS metering is good too but I would like to have the ability to control the decay time and the time interval for which the RMS is calculated, especially for metering dialog which has pauses for punctuation. Other than that, for music, it's exactly what I need, no more, no less.
    Lastly, I would say that compared to other meters, this is a nice replacement to several metering plugins and can become a nice addition to a new metering chain. Couple this with your own loudness meter and you are mixing for the future.
  • ★★★★★
    by PMT Studio
    Great mastering tool with the K scales and mid/sides, mono ,phase shift ,listening abilities !
  • ★★★★★
    Guide to Perfect Mixing
    by AreG
    There are a bunch of complex meters and analysers out there, and most of these are pricey and require manuals to grasp. Some of these don't even show the RMS level correctly. The bx_meter captures the essence of loudness and dynamics in an intelligible, delightful and correct manner guiding you to a perfect mix every time at a reasonable price.