Customer Reviews

  • Easy to look at pro meter!

    by Overdrive Music
    When I saw Luca Pretolesi use this on PureMix, I was sold! It's easy to read, easy to use. Thank you Plugin Alliance!
  • BX_Meter

    by DR
    Totally love this meter. It sits on my control room inserts and I use it for more than checking how loud a mix or instrument is.
    The various metering filters and the ability to solo L,R,M S along with being able to swap L & R makes it IMO the daddy of meters.
    I only wish it was resizable as I loose those functions on my 13in MacBook.
  • Very good

    by SawSine
    Very good. Perfect for help to control the power
    Plugin Alliance response
  • Perfect RMS

    by Jorge Zevallos
    Gracias a Luca Petrolessi uso este medidor, es el mas exacto de mercado para medir RMS, saludos desde Arequipa.
  • bx_meter

    by mvh
    my go to meter for working out that perfect level. Highly recommended
  • missing 60fps refresh

    by Saturn Voyager
    Really cool Meter and it´s pretty accurate but please update the meters to work at a refresh of 60fps. It would work much better and would me more visually accurate. Thanks guys
  • Very Good

    by Great!
    One of the best meters!
  • Bx meter

    by Anurag
    I really need a loudness meter and this meter have alll the features thanks plugin alliance
  • Bx Meters

    by HotIceZW
    A a newbie its amazing what this plugin has taught me thus far. Truly magical
  • perfect

    by gdrecords
    preciso strumento per i picco e per RMS