Customer Reviews

  • Unique character

    by Black Frost
    I keep reaching for this beauty, because it sounds different than most amps sims. It is not the usual heavy metal monster, but offers beautiful clean and crunch tones much better/more natural in my ears than a lot of others. I needed some exploration to get used to it (no volume knob, drastic behaviour to "subtle" changes on knobs) and it is indeed also capable of insane overdrives/lead sounds, in short: if you are a fan of classic rock or blues or old school independent music or dinosaur jr feedback and noise orgies: try this one! It feels like a real amp.
  • A lot of amp(s)

    by Faydit
    Due to the numerous tweaking options this in some way are a lot of different amps in a single box.
    Also due the all the options not every setting automatically sounds great, but if you know what to do, you can get a lot of different, excellent tones out of it.
  • Chandler GAV19T

    by Carlos Who
    Best amp sim I've ever used - I can get every clean, crunch, and lead tone I need for a wide variety of music.
    From clean to heavy rock - it does EVERYTHING.
  • Simply amazing

    by Jay
    I but this on the back of an Engl plugin purchase that I was really impressed with. To say this was even better than that is an understatement. True it’s a completely different style of amp but it works so well with various guitars, other plugins and especially surprisingly with preamp pedals. It really sounds alive and has character which has to be experienced to be believed. It may appear simple but it rewards exploration and subtle tweaks. Unlike many other amp plugins from other manufacturers it just works straight away, no fuss, no bother, and plays well with others. It also draws surprising little CPU usage.
  • Chandler crunchy clean!

    by Blacksmith Studio
    Phenomenal in the blues/rock style! The crunchy clean that you can produce, ether for soloing or rhythm sound is cool! Not to mention that it sounds so warm and creamy, something truly amazing for a plugin! :)
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it.
  • GAV19T

    by Chuck Baker
    Thanks so much for this Guys. I've had my eyes on it for some time, just couldn't make the deal. Finally, after years of waiting you put it on sale, I think for the first time? I got it man. Love, love, love this emulation. In the pocket, Dude. Such a Cool GUI.
  • great, full sound

    by stringtheory
    ok, i also have too many amp sims...but this is another go-to, for a really rich and full sound. brainworx does their usual fantastic job of translating the sound of tubes, transformers, and speakers into the digital realm where on headphones and studio speakers i feel like i'm playing a real, responsive amp, and it sits in a mix like a charm. i use sounds from clean to crunchy to heavy with this one.
  • Character

    by KAEY
    I love finding new sound tools to play with. I am not a guitarist so I tend to use alternative instruments to give me that guitar sound when I'm writing. The GAV19T has opened up new dimensions to play with. I now use it on pretty much every track I work on. Awesome plugin!
  • Chandler heaven

    by J
    Great amp sym yet again great tone boutiquity even I can afford
    more gain than I expected too, if or when needed, nice cleans and great in-between classy