Customer Reviews

  • So Much Fun

    by bd
    It's rare to find a multi effects plug-in that just instantly provides so many useful results. The interface is fun and doesn't take a pilots license to navigate. Excellent Work!
  • Tantra

    by Cyrille Cassier
    A great tool in my arsenal! Amazing!
  • Tantric EX

    by mparker
    I love DS Thorn synth and this takes the glitch arpeggiator into new realms. Really stylish to look at and gorgeous to listen to! I have to stop myself using on every drum track I make, haha! Turns a synth chord into a shimmering arp. The random (dice) functions can really help kick-start you off, so you're not overthinking.
  • Randomize for the win!

    by Vernissage
    I absolutely love how intuitive the randomize feature is. I have Tantra 1 and the presets were amazing but usually had to go in a tweak. Tantra 2, you just roll the dice and it somehow knows! Gets me much closer to my creative vision and even surprises with effect combos I didn't know I wanted until I heard.
  • Simply powerful !!!

    by Christian Luppi
    I was struck by the power of this tool, which is effective for various purposes, from the sound design of any sound source to even the enhancement of an entire mix ... the limit is set only by one's imagination.
    The layout is clear and intuitive, the graphic design is modern and very pleasant.
    If I had to describe Tantra 2 in a quick way I would say that it is "simply powerful": behind its simple and clean appearance there are versatility and an undoubtedly excellent sound.
    Definitely 5 stars for me.
  • Skills

    by Simon Carpenter
    made a great tool again - just njoy your flow
  • Tantra2

    by Codow
    Very good. Intuitive. Per Fx sequencer lanes where you can modulate individual parameters within the plugin. Very clean design, sounds great - 5 stars, no question about it.
  • This is how you get into sound-design easy

    by Day By Day
    As someone who hasn't really got into sound-design much, I really like the way that Tantra 2 is designed. The GUI is structured as clearly as possible, the knobs and buttons are big and visible and so it's really easy to get into it. The results are amazing and inspiring. Instead of simply just slapping a delay or reverb on a sound, you can now try different things in one FX plug-in and get your creativity going.
    One thing I also like to add, is the customer friendly service of adding new plugins into the subscription bundles. I am a mega-bundle subscriber for about roughly a year now and ever since I started, Plugin Alliance has added at least 12 new plugins to the bundle with no extra cost. This is just awesome guys!
    What is also really freaking awesome is the ease of implementing new plugins with the Installation Manager. No stupid iLoks or additional software. You open the Manager, see a list of all available plugins, download and activate it within seconds and then your DAW finds the plugin in the correct folder and all you have to do then, is to organize it in your DAW and that's it.
    You guys at Plugin Alliance just rock big time! The best Vendor for plugins in my opinion.
    PS: The little introduction videos and short tutorials on new plugins are also great. It makes it so much easier to get into a new plugin. Keep it going!