Customer Reviews

  • sweep

    by aj
  • niveau filter

    by fresh
    this plugin is amzing
  • Absolutely Brilliant

    by Aurasphere
    This, besides DSM is the best plugin I have from plugin alliance...its really brilliant! Why
    1. The sound of the filter is superb, transparent.
    2. Its use is really the simplest to use frequency tilt out there...mucking around with a q10 etc is a pain...this is so good.
    3. 2 knobs and use your much better to balance ie close mic cardiod with too much proximity etc. This gets the balance most of the way there...just add some sauce ie your finishing eq of choice.
    Cant commend it enough...really...AND ITS FREE!!!
  • Filter

    by Adán López
    Un simple filtro que ayuda en todo!
  • othoniel

    by omafer
    Estoy pidiendo la autorizacion para utilizar el elysia mpressor
  • filter

    by gdrecords
    elysia has a good sound for your activity for filter
  • Good day, please remove all the demos from my account.

    by vasya
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it
  • AD

    by ANTO
  • Lifesaver in the pocket

    by dsi
    This plugin is a simple lifesaver. If you already tried everything but nothing helped. Try this.