Customer Reviews

  • el master

    by edwin
    muy bueno
  • Elysia niveau filter

    by Hot10
    It is a marvel! I use it in every mix, on every sound together with subsequent bx_masterdeck classic, even if there are other plugins with in the plugin series. Even problematic, flawed ancient sound recordings I could make sound like new with it.
  • Review

    by Ramo
    This product is very cool
  • sax

    by 1AREUMAD
  • ou created an awesome program.

    by ou created an awesome program.
    ou created an awesome program.
  • Music

    by Mac
    I like
  • Just Right

    by Menes213
    Works Great, Sounds Clean and Detailed,
    If it's for free,
    it's for me!
    ProTools into Luna!
  • Great on muddy vocals

    by DR
    I have some vocal tracks that are muddy and I've tried conventional equalizers, HPF's, low cuts, etc. I saw a video where someone mentioned "tilt eq" on a track, and I remember that I had downloaded this quite a while ago but thought it was simply a LPF or HPF. I applied it to the vocal track (multiple songs) and it was instant magic. It's not only a matter of applying the proper amount but also finding the correct "middle" frequency. There was some follow-up eq and de-essing, but this plugin gave me the sound I needed.
    I highly recommend this for muddy vocals.
  • Review

    by Rikk
  • niveau filter

    by MS
    A very useful compliment to a traditional tilt EQ. Clean sound out of this one and nice UI.