Customer Reviews

  • 902 de-Esser

    by Murgatroid
    Switch on the noise and you won’t need to worry about dithering
  • 902 De-Esser

    by NitroFish
    Another testimonial from someone who doesn't write reviews. I was fighting vocals constantly. Decided to try this and it is instantly a MUST HAVE. Easy, Powerful, Pro. Once you demo, you will not look back! I've tried most out there and come back to the 902 almost every vocal!
  • 902 De-Esser

    by siiidney28
    I don't usually write reviews, but this time I will. It's a very good de-esser. It controls the signal in a very natural way and doesn't force it enough to be able to apply the maag eq 4 without losing your ears.
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  • Lindell DS

    by BluelagoonStudios
    A few months ago, we weren't able to use this, because CPU use, on my old iMac, but recently I build myself a monster PC, and now we can use this plugin to the full, and it's great, sounding just like the other Lindell products which are perfect. So, another top plugin in our arsenal.
  • Lindell 902

    by Cheesecutter
    I wasn't planning on picking up this plugin but when combined in my cart with another plugin and some coupons it made for a great deal . Now that I have spent some time with it I can say that I love this plugin . Sometimes I just leave it on default and even without doing any ducking I like what it does to the sound .
  • very nice

    by Aung Ko
    result of quality
  • Awesome!

    by Gerard
    This plugin became my favorite de-esser.
    Having a lot of de-essers, the FF pro DS was my go to for the last years until this baby arrives to my arsenal.
    Can't say the 902 is better than FF pro DS, but I found myself getting same great results in a most simple and quick way with the 902.
    It's hard to describe, but it does the job in a natural, smooth and simple way.
    Not a surprise with this, all Lindell tools rocks!
  • The easiest and the best

    by Studio Mixing & Mastering
    Now every vocals, which I mix, are processed with this simple, yet powerful de-esser. Love it!
  • Now THAT'S a De-Esser

    by Johannes Mazur
    I took me LITERALLY 5 seconds with the demo version to know I'd buy it. This plugin is my personal record holder for the fastest purchase decision.
    I don't want to repeat what all the others wrote before, so I just say: They are right. This is the best de-esser I have heard so far. And I'm picky. I also have the SPL de-esser bundle...and sorry Dirk, I just don't like it, to me it doesn't sound good, but it is all a matter of taste, of course. THIS one however...Give us more from dbx!
  • Lindell 902 De-Esser

    by Serhii Duzhykh
    Sounds amazing!
    4 stars because plugin v1.0.0 do some nasty distortion when inconing signal above 0 dbfs
    I hope this will be fixed in future upgrades and I change my rewiev to 5 stars