Customer Reviews

  • Lindell 902 De-esser

    by Skippy
    I have several De-esser’s, but with that said this is absolutely the best GUI, functioning, do what it says with NO excuses!! Great job!!!!!!
  • Mastepiece

    by Cyrille Cassier
    This is simply the best de-esser in the digital domain.
    A Masterpiece….
  • 902 De-esser

    by Cleon
    I've been trying to get my esses under control for years. I have purchased so many De-essers but I never was satisfied. One problem was calibration and listening levels. The next was de-essing heavy on the main signal and sending the signal to an AUX where I would add back air on a Maag EQ...and then came the 902. It was catching what I wanted to be caught smoothly. No-fuss. put back in some Air on it and that was that. I mix for online streams every weekend so I noticed the difference immediately. The ones I had before did a great job, but this just does it better...time to uninstall the others. I'm good here! It's the ease of use and the pleasing results that make it a 5/5 for me!
  • 902 De-Esser

    by PMT Studio
    After trying 7 different de-essers even the original 902dbx emulation I got this one ,saved me from having to eq post de-essing as it also has the added function , kudos you guys did it again .
  • Lindell 902

    by D. Puzia
    Really taken back on how smooth it is. Works on vocals like charm ( could be the best de easer around) then tried it on some overheads and again works like a charm! This plugin is special, nice work!
  • New Favourite Desser

    by James
    This thing is fantastic! After trying it out and doing a shootout against many other desser plugins, this thing takes the cake.
    It does a great job at removing harsh sibilance while still sounding natural (not lispy or coloured), which is exactly what I want in a desser. As a bonus, it is really easy to use as well. And to top it all off, it is a non level-dependant / threshold based desser, which means I can put it on vocal aux sends and “set and forget” with whatever level I send to the aux.
    I’d say it ranks evenly for me with a couple of other high end spectral dessers, but at a fraction of the cost, and with lifetime support updates from Plugin Alliance, which is what makes it the winner for me
  • Awesome de-esser!

    by Loop blanc
    If you have a tube mic, you can never have enough de-essers. I couldn't believe how clean this de-esser cuts the harshness from the signal. Even on maximum tuning it is very smooth and doesn't disturb important frequencies on vocals! And the additional settings (oversampling, calibration, UI zoom) are like a cream topping! Respect for this one!!!