Customer Reviews

  • BIG AL

    by elektroartist
    very nice sounding plug, but where is the mid/side Option wich is shown in the Video?
  • Neold Big Al

    by Zed
    This plugin is PERFECT. So quick to make a weak signal sound stronger. Looks great, wonderfully laid out.
    'High' means top, easy.
    Bit of bottom end, 'Low', got it. etc.
    Composer/musicians, this is the plugin you need.
    I LOVE IT !!!
  • Big Al

    by okpk
    The way the distortion folds in on itself when you drive this thing is *chef's kiss*. A really beautiful sound I'm excited to spend more time with.
  • Really good

    by mav
    It really is a great one :) a simple plugin with fantastic results
  • Saturation Heaven

    by kj.metissage
    Guys, this tool is one not to miss. The team behind NEOLD really knows how to code a convincing sounding model. Another saturation flavor to keep in the toolbox!
  • Vocal Cooker

    by apaivab
    Do me a favor: open a vocal track, insert this plugin, call the preset called "Vocal Cooker". Thank me later.
    Fan-tas-tic !!
  • Easy goodness

    by Pine Tree Studio
    This thing is amazing, Sounds great, Love the highs that it produces. Friendly GUI and easy to dial in. Instant goodness.
  • Big Al

    by Gary Regnier
    The range and quality of sounds are so instantly usable and pleasing to the ear, well done NeOld. I would like to add that I find the design and workflow to be absolute perfection.
  • BIG AL is BIIIG!!

    by Rogerio
    One of those plugins I'll use for sure in every mix. Great for Synth Bass and Drums. And it works sooo good on Master bus. This is one of those plugins you've got to have. SOUDS PERFECT. It really adds saturation, color, and analog flavor to the mixes.
  • neold

    by Percy Pringle
    The last neold plugin I noticed had a really unique sound for a plugin. Been using that one a lot over the past month. This one is really good so far.