Customer Reviews

  • My new go-to saturator

    by Thetamusic
    This plugin is pure magic. At first I thought: "Another Saturator? I already have so many." But then I tested the plugin and was overwhelmed from the first second. The sound is soooo beautiful, warm and harmonious. This is my new go-to saturator - especially for vocals.
  • You Can Call Me Al...

    by Lucas
    Concise review? NEOLD's Big Al sounds magically delicious. The demo cuts don't do it justice; you have to try it on your own mixes to fully appreciate how it affects audio.
    That being said, it really shines as a cumulative, summing effect, though, individually, it can do everything from "warm" tracks up, or bring out transients without adding any harshness, to bludgeoning your audio into a driven mess of analog goodness. 6/5 Stars
  • big al

    by erv
    a fantastic tool. it makes an analog sound. it sounds fanastic in the main mix. the fuzz region sounds very natural and i use to make a guitar sound crunchy. better than some fuzz machines.
  • This is it

    by Black Frost
    This is my go to saturator, because it can do anything. Very easy to use, very good sound. I like Phil's Cascade for synth and flutes and mellotron and also the other NEOLD plug in too, but my go to spice warhammer is BIG AL. On drums, bass, guitars. Quick, easy, great sound, move on. Be careful not to overdo it. Easy layout. If you need a saturator, check this one out. And that is that. End of search.
  • Beautiful Destruction

    by Advisory
    I'm using this on nasty synth basses and it's mangling them in a lovely way without destroying your ears. Having the voltage sag enabled adds some fun variation too.
    Easily a new go to favourite saturation plugin for me, well done Neold and PA!
  • Big AL in M/S

    by FClef Luc
    Love this plugin. Was very jealous of the native M/S option for plugins in the video, but was able to create an effect rack in Ableton to use Big AL in M/S mode. It's on the mix bus of every track I've done since.
  • BIG AL

    by elektroartist
    very nice sounding plug, but where is the mid/side Option wich is shown in the Video?
  • Neold Big Al

    by Zed
    This plugin is PERFECT. So quick to make a weak signal sound stronger. Looks great, wonderfully laid out.
    'High' means top, easy.
    Bit of bottom end, 'Low', got it. etc.
    Composer/musicians, this is the plugin you need.
    I LOVE IT !!!
  • Big Al

    by okpk
    The way the distortion folds in on itself when you drive this thing is *chef's kiss*. A really beautiful sound I'm excited to spend more time with.
  • Really good

    by mav
    It really is a great one :) a simple plugin with fantastic results