Customer Reviews

  • Secret power to smooth metal mixes

    by Berkan Cesur
    It has a secret power. It really smooths bad peaks in high area. I put it just before limiter and it gives an excellent flavor.
  • New Part of My Sound

    by BenS
    This is the coolest Lo-Fi plugin out there. It sounds super musical and versatile. It goes from Subtle to INSANE; but never sounds bad. Great work!
  • Easy-to-use

    by B. van kaa
    Love the simplicity of this plugin. The filters are great addition.
  • Vintage

    by Cyrille Cassier
    How to polish the material with a simple plugin.
    This baby is great and addictive.
    Well done !!!
  • Warble

    by mparker
    As with all the NEOLD products, this brings a real, authentic, warm old-skool vibe to everything. Used subtly it can create that 'taped' sound. At extremes it can completely transform a sound. The (almost hidden, lol!) resonant filters are beautiful!
  • This is quickly becoming a favorite

    by Han
    I have several lofi/wobble/tape plugins but this is something special. Quickly becoming one of my favorite PA plugins.
  • warble

    by Marco
    great tones easy smoothes out the hi end great job!!!!