Customer Reviews

  • Thats it !

    by Magnetic Mechanics
    If u r not happy with this garage u lif on a wrong planet!
    ~fast and the furious
    that is exactly what it is
  • ESSENTIAL Bundle

    by Sansal
    Extremely simple to download and operate it with your DAW. I must say that I'm expressed by the quality products and the monthly price! Worth spending 10 bucks even if you live out of the U.S.:) Cheers!!
  • PA Essential

    by Volch
    A wonderful set of plugins. What you need for daily work with sound. Thanks!
  • Essential Bundle

    by JVCQUES
    Without a doubt, this bundle provides magnificent tools of a unique quality, I love them !!
  • Awesome Deal!

    by Silverio
    Amazing tools for a price that is surreal!
    I got the 14 days try but didn't get too long to sign up!
  • Essential Bundle is FIRE!

    by Nate Squared
    I downloaded the essential bundle on a whim and I'm so glad that I did! The amp sims are spot on, the synths are incredible especially the bx_oberhausen, already one of my fav soft synths of all time. I love the consoles, the master desk makes bounces/rough mixes sound like productions with 2 min of tweaking, the Maag eq is so crisp, vocal enhancer is excellent. The Biome is blowing my mind and is great inspiration for when I'm going for wild sounds, eurorack style modular rack fx! I haven't even tried everything yet and already I am thrilled I subscribed. $10 I will happily spend every month from now on...Thanks a million Plugin Alliance!
  • Worth it for EQ alone

    by Samuel
    Practical and interesting plugins that work on every mix. Best thing about it imo is the EQs. The bxdigital, Maag EQ4 and BAX EQ are my favourite plugins from any brand!
  • Amazing Quality

    by Tomas G Music
    Thank you, never dissapointed with any of this plugins, always achieving the results we expect as Mix Engineers. Even more, they kind of replaced Tape Plugins on my mixes because the really dimensional behavior and beautiful tones that give to any sound.
    Amazing, big Fan here, thanks a lot
    Now and forever promoting it.
    Claps for Brainworx
  • A foot inside 'Aladdin's Cave' of amazing plugins!

    by Dean James
    Wow! What a deal! I hate subscriptions: but this something else! I own a quarter of these plugins, but this deal is outrageous! I get to try out to see what i want to keep on full licence for much longer, for the price of a music magazine: WHAAAAT!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you and enjoy!
  • Essential Bundle

    by The Pooh
    Happy customer here! Thank you for this most excellent deal! ... and for putting together a sweet array of quality plugins! I’m set... now it’s play time... peace.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you!