Customer Reviews

  • PA Mix & Master Bundle

    by Michael
    To be honest, this bundle includes everything you need for professional mixing in the box. Among them there are some jewels without which I would never mix again.
    And yes, that is a declaration of love to Plugin Alliance Plugins.
    Higly recommend it!
  • Mix&Master Bundle

    by Lodmlod
    I wanted first trying the MIX & MASTER bundle more for learning which plugins are best for me before buying it. And now, i use it all the time!
    So Highly recommended Bundle!
    Perfect offers!
    Thanks PA
  • Great Deal

    by KMtheEngineer
    This is a really good collection of great plugins that cover a wide range of needs. This a a great addition to my arsenal.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks a lot and enjoy your new tools!
  • All you need - amazing!

    by Zen Groove
    This really is a fantastic package! For the price there is nothing that comes close and of course the quality is top notch. The new TMT modelling puts the consoles in a new league and really does make a big difference in finding the perfect sound. I used my annual voucher to buy the synths and amps that are not in the bundle so it's the perfect package! The ONLY thing I am praying for and this is not down to Brainworx/PA - is that Softube open up console 1 to their plug ins - that will be a match made in heaven with the TMT consoles. I also use UAD and this bundle gives me all the remaining plug ins I wanted at a fraction of the cost and saves me DSP so another great reason to get it. Thank you Plugin Alliance!
    Plugin Alliance response
    That's great feedback – thanks a lot for your support!
  • Mix and Master

    by Diego Rendon
    This is simply the best investment of my life. Thank you Plugin Alliance. Greetings from Bolivia!
  • Mix and Master Monthly

    by StratRat
    This has got to be the very best way to put world class audio tools in your hands. All of these products are premium and many are authorized by the original designers and manufacturers. If you want to stand toe to toe against the pros, you will need this bundle.
  • Woah

    by wOLf
    Unbelievable Collection of gantastic sounding Plugins.....
  • A NO brainer...

    by Mitt
    After years of obtaining both audio processing and virtual instrument plug ins to enhance my productions, I believe that I've found here a Holy Grail of this arena.
    Superior sounding emulations of vintage gear and modern design tools for audio...added, an inexpensive way to invest in your sound.
  • Super!

    by Ninij
    Plug-in I ever wanted... Finally mine for a super price. Best money I ever spent for musical software. Thank you very much. Absolutely suggested.
  • Simply The Best

    by Hugo Villanova
    The best plugins on the market. No other brand give the top quality plugins at this price. Thank you Plugin Alliance!!!