Customer Reviews

  • good

    by dirtnoise
  • Value for Money

    by Wojtek
    The best Value for Money subscription you can get. "Monoize" and "Sidechain" in almost every plugin rules!
  • Awesome

    by Rohu Music
    Excellent plugins. All i needed
  • Mix & Master Bundle

    by David Bauer
    Amazing tools put in your hands. I can't believe I slept on these for so long. I have owned a couple plugin alliance products. But these are all I need for every kind of project I want to take on. Giving me some of the best tools you could ever use. Thank you Plugin Alliance. If you are thinking about subscription. Just do it you will be pleased with the results.
  • Thumbs Up!

    by Z7
    Out of all the subscription packages out there, I have yet to come by one that offers such a wide variety of plug-ins for such a great price. And for some icing on the cake, new plug-ins are added to it from time to time. I will be a subscriber for a long time to come far more than likely. Very satisfied customer!

    by JVCQUES
    Best tools!!
  • Arman

    by PA Mix & Master Bundle
    the best plugins in the world ... but one good desser is missing !!
  • Mix & Master Bundle Review

    by Raymond Kingston
    Honestly the best mixing & mastering bundle I have ever seen. You have every tool that a professional mix and master require. The plugins are of top notch in terms of design and ease to work on.
    Great simulation. Im totally satisfied with the output I am getting after I started using these plugins. My recommendation is 10/10.
  • PA Mix & Master Bundle

    by Michael
    To be honest, this bundle includes everything you need for professional mixing in the box. Among them there are some jewels without which I would never mix again.
    And yes, that is a declaration of love to Plugin Alliance Plugins.
    Higly recommend it!
  • Mix&Master Bundle

    by Lodmlod
    I wanted first trying the MIX & MASTER bundle more for learning which plugins are best for me before buying it. And now, i use it all the time!
    So Highly recommended Bundle!
    Perfect offers!
    Thanks PA