Customer Reviews

  • perfect

    by gdrecords
    perfect plugin for mid-side
  • Double MS

    by Alfredo
    It is a great tool, more even if you think that is free. I like more others plugins from Plugin Alliance for the MS porpouse, that is the reason of the 4 star. But give a try, it is a very good plug in. And if you can buy the others... do that, this is a serious and professional place for plugins
  • 混音

    by 王新
  • DMS plugin automation

    by Bartosz
    Great plugin, was badly needed. One request though : can you please update automation so every button (mute buttons for example) can be automated? Thanks for this one! it's huge!
  • Cool

    by Ken
    This is so Cool!
  • good sound.

    by Miya
  • AD

    by ANTO
  • useful

    by Eine Alte Oma
    to me, but i don't know what i'm doing in it, lol

    by Cap`n CRUn$h
    MI HEAD SPIN froM all DA Stererereo!
  • Schoeps

    by Eddie Torres
    This is a go too for all engineers and producers!