Customer Reviews

  • Sounds really different

    by Alex Hepting
    instantly got it because i love eventide type reverbs with a lot of automation and transparency the resampler is a great way to tune even a reverb! The physical modelling of noise and melodic partials can create very deep timbre. The buffer reset on long reverb tails makes it very useful to include to changing pitch.
  • UA Tails

    by Z
    I was looking for a quality-sounding reverb that was a little different and here it is. Versatile, and very musical results. Definitely a great addition to your arsenal. clean interface and great presets to give u a starting point.
  • Innovative, One-of-a-Kind Reverb.

    by Blake Jarrell
    In a world of millions of plug-ins, rarely does their come along something that actually changes the way we think about making music. This is NOT another reverb you'll forget about in your plug-ins folder. This will become your go-to reverb for pretty much everything. Must be heard to be believed and understood. Text on a page will never do this plug-in justice.
  • Tails reverb ideal for sound design!

    by Clatterbox
    Unfiltered Audio are really doing great things (Byome/Triad are exceptional), Tails is their latest. A superb reverb for sound design. The SAMPLE RATE control is not just another bit crusher, it introduces soft tone characteristics when dialled down (similar effect to lowering a tape speed).
    The one addition I'd like to see in an update (if possible) is expanding the RETRIG to accommodate 2, 4, and 8 bar divisions as this would allow for greater creative freedom with longer chords and phrases.
    Apart from that one suggested improvement this unique reverb is definitely worth checking out. Nice one Unfiltered Audio.
  • UA

    by Simon Carpenter
    We all (well me ^^) love them guys doing things like this - colour to do what u like! Peace.
  • This can cause dipendence!

    by Let's Go Dancing Records
    I've played with Tails a whole afternoon before realising that I put it everywhere in my mix, also in my cup of coffee and sounds sweet too XD
    Jokes apart, nice reverb , I like it as many of the other Unfiltered Audio plugins because they inject creativity and are cpu friendly.