Customer Reviews

  • Absolutely Amazing

    by ChroPh0re
    Soooo I've kinda sorta bought almost every single Unfiltered Audio plugin, and this one is by far one of the best sounding reverbs I've ever found. The controls are a tad different from some standard verbs and can be a little uncomfortable to learn at first. But MAAAANNN where has this thing been my whole life? The ambience it produces is otherworldly, and frankly, is straight up gorgeous. Excellent algorithms, and neat little ducking effects added that help reduce muddiness caused by most reverbs. Excellent product. Go buy it. Now. Your credit card can handle it.
  • special..

    by Synthitize
    This plugin is interesting to add non-ordinary effects on sun instruments or drums. The surprising result allows you to differentiate a sound or improve it with this special reverb
  • Will get a lot of use

    by MS
    Has very nice sounds and the ability to control the buffer resets so you can keep the notes in the tail the way you want them is great. The ducking feature adds yet another way to keep the tail free from discordant notes. The bit rate change knob is way cool...especially on the Shimmer setting, a lot of different sounds to be had just from changing this one knob. And the way bit rate can pitch shift the tail when modulating it makes for a nice piece of ear candy! A great sounding reverb that adds both powerful problem solving and creative capabilities.
  • A dream come true

    by Arnau
    This reverb has convert a must in all my mixes, as a creative tool and a conventional reverb but with unique parameters. Also easy to use and intuitive.
    Love it....
  • Unfiltered Audio Tails - Big delay with the mess

    by Giles
    Unfiltered Audio Tails is one of the most interesting plugins I have come accress for sound design and music production. The trouble with a big delay is that it is also long and leaks the wong key into the next phrase. You used to have to manually stagger 2 tracks on each not and on each note swich tracks to avoid this dischord. Now you just use Tails and it does it all for you easily in the blick of an eye with out all of that time wasted maticulasy editing. How Tails works is from one track as an fx insert it creates two buffers (audio tracks) wich it switches between to renew the buffer and cut away the tail, stopping it leaking into the new phrase/bar. Have biger reverb than ever imagined, and like all other Unfiltered Audio plugins it is low on CPU and easy to use. I will be very surprised if this does not win them a few awards if it has not done so already, groundbreaking.
  • Sounds really different

    by Alex Hepting
    instantly got it because i love eventide type reverbs with a lot of automation and transparency the resampler is a great way to tune even a reverb! The physical modelling of noise and melodic partials can create very deep timbre. The buffer reset on long reverb tails makes it very useful to include to changing pitch.
  • UA Tails

    by Z
    I was looking for a quality-sounding reverb that was a little different and here it is. Versatile, and very musical results. Definitely a great addition to your arsenal. clean interface and great presets to give u a starting point.
  • Innovative, One-of-a-Kind Reverb.

    by Blake Jarrell
    In a world of millions of plug-ins, rarely does their come along something that actually changes the way we think about making music. This is NOT another reverb you'll forget about in your plug-ins folder. This will become your go-to reverb for pretty much everything. Must be heard to be believed and understood. Text on a page will never do this plug-in justice.
  • Tails reverb ideal for sound design!

    by Clatterbox
    Unfiltered Audio are really doing great things (Byome/Triad are exceptional), Tails is their latest. A superb reverb for sound design. The SAMPLE RATE control is not just another bit crusher, it introduces soft tone characteristics when dialled down (similar effect to lowering a tape speed).
    The one addition I'd like to see in an update (if possible) is expanding the RETRIG to accommodate 2, 4, and 8 bar divisions as this would allow for greater creative freedom with longer chords and phrases.
    Apart from that one suggested improvement this unique reverb is definitely worth checking out. Nice one Unfiltered Audio.
  • UA

    by Simon Carpenter
    We all (well me ^^) love them guys doing things like this - colour to do what u like! Peace.