Industry Reviews

  • EQ 200

    Howie Weinberg

    15 Grammy Awards, 32 Grammy nominations

    Every session I open has the AMEK EQ 200 in. It's not just the perfect layout or the additional Mono Maker & Stereo Width, but the sound, it has the sound of an INCREDIBLE EQ.

  • EQ 200

    Glenn Schick

    Mastering Engineer (Future, J. Cole, Missy Elliot)

    Plugin Alliance obviously put in a lot of thought when designing the Amek 200 EQ. Based off a gold standard classic EQ known for its transparency, they added tons of new, really useful features that no hardware unit would be capable of. It's really a Swiss army tool to have in your toolkit. It can be clean & surgical, or add color & depth. TMT modeling, Saturation, and Stereo width controls let you take it from subtle to creative. It's a winner!

  • EQ 200

    Matt Schaeffer

    Recording Engineer (Kendrick Lamar, Bakar, A$AP Rocky)

    I've been trying the AMEK EQ 200 out on drums and mix bus for a couple weeks now. It sounds great and is loaded with features. I love the added hi/lo pass filters. Although the EQ sounds great, the extra features are what really take it to the next level as a master bus processor. You have i/o metering with clip indicators, a phase correlation meter, and +/- 15 dB i/o gain control. You have a gain scale control to tone down or exaggerate your settings, you can switch to mid side EQ, add distortion, stereo widener, and my favorite for drum overheads/rooms - the mono maker. The TMT option is a great addition to add subtle differences to each or your channels the way an analog console would.

  • EQ 200

    Eric Racy

    Mixing Engineer & Producer (Katy Perry, Pharrell, Lil Wayne)

    There are so many EQ plugins out there but the AMEK EQ 200 is one of the best EQs I’ve ever found for bringing out and enhancing the most musical elements of sources. The overlapping bands, ability to dig in deep in M/S mode and THD to enhance the harmonics also make it one of the most flexible EQs I’ve ever used.

  • EQ 200

    Fabian Mazur

    Music Producer, DJ

    I’m crazy about this EQ. First of all, the GUI is incredible and very intuitive for beginners as well as pros. The Auto-Listen feature makes it easy to dial in your different bands and adjustments and you have the classic M/S and THD-features from Brainworx that I love from the Masterdesk. I’m very intrigued by the analog TMT module and I’ll definitely be trying that out on my future projects. With this EQ I found that I was able to push the different parameters a lot more than a standard EQ. A new stable in my mixing & mastering channel strip!

  • EQ 200

    Greg Wells

    Grammy-winning producer, mixer, songwriter (Taylor Swift, Adele, Pharrell Williams, Kid Cudi)

    No other EQ plugin does anything like this one. The sound is phenomenal…

  • EQ 200

    Keith Ross

    Pitbull, J. Balvin, Enrique Iglesias, Wyclef Jean

    This AMEK EQ 200 is the EQ you use when you want something to sound like it was sonically amazing from the beginning without ever being touched. I never knew an EQ could be so transparent AND musical at the same time. This plugin is hands down a MUST have.

  • EQ 200

    Craig Bauer

    Grammy-nominated Mixing Engineer (Rihanna, Kanye West, Public Enemy)

    I've been (not so) patiently waiting for years for a faithful recreation of my favorite hardware EQ. The wait is now finally over with the AMEK 200. I can finally get back to the exact sound on kicks, snares, and vocals that was always a staple in my "analog" days. With the addition of Brainworx's TMT and M/S processing, the AMEK 200 adds features never possible with that legendary EQ.

  • EQ 200

    Koen Heldens

    Mixing Engineer (XXXTentacion, Kanye West, Trippie Redd)

    The AMEK EQ 200 gives me the same clean and powerful low-end punch all the way down to 20Hz and smooth expensive sounding high-end without becoming harsh.

  • EQ 200

    Rafa Sardina

    Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Dr. Dre, The Roots

    It is just freaking awesome! Period!

  • EQ 200

    Marc Carolan

    Muse, The Cure, Snow Patrol, Black Mountain Studios

    No more searching through the plugin list!!

  • EQ 200

    John Sparkz

    French Montana, Gunna, Action Bronson

    The AMEK EQ 200 is now the leading EQ tool i use on my masters, and even on my vocal bus. The clarity is wonderful and it really helps me shape the low end on records too. The high end on it is beautiful, i boost a little bit of 18-21k on the mastering and it just brings it to life. The low end too 30-50 hz Just makes everything smooth.