Industry Reviews

  • bx_limiter True Peak

    Zino Mikorey

    Mastering Engineer (Nils Frahm, Thom Yorke, Filous x The Kooks)

    I am amazed how the BX true peak limiter keeps low-end transients, micro details, and depth of field intact while being super fast and loud!

  • bx_limiter True Peak

    Maor Appelbaum

    Mastering Engineer (Faith No More, Yes, Sepultura)

    The BX True Peak Limiter sounds the way it looks: A slick design, easy to use, and the ability to go into more detail of control when tweaks are needed. The access to various monitoring options of the stereo signal is an awesome bonus.

  • bx_limiter True Peak

    Glenn Schick

    Mastering Engineer (Future, J. Cole, Missy Elliot)

    I love things that sound great before you even dial them in. The bx_limiter True Peak just sounded musical as soon as I put signal through it. Warm, with an exquisite stereo field, it sounds modern in the best way. Clear, loud, punchy, and proud, that's what a limiter should be!

  • bx_limiter True Peak

    Rik Simpson

    Multi Grammy Award-winning Producer & Engineer (Coldplay, Portishead, Kasabian)

    Brainworx bx_limiter True Peak is a beautiful thing, it feels incredibly musical and respects the original material wonderfully. Well done BX team, you’ve made something special here.

  • bx_limiter True Peak

    Justin Colletti

    Mastering Engineer (Yoke Lore, Brothertiger, Joshua Lee Turner)

    I've always wanted to enjoy using a true peak limiter in my mastering work, but have had trouble finding one I really loved using, until now. The bx_limiter True Peak sounds as good as the best conventional limiters while making sure I avoid oversample peaks. I also love the unique tonal control found in the Foundation and XL saturation knobs, and have found myself using them so much more than I ever anticipated.

  • bx_limiter True Peak

    Howie Weinberg

    15 Grammy Awards, 32 Grammy nominations

    I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY at how great this new bx_limiter True Peak sounds. You can go super loud and super clean with this bad boy! Easy to navigate, easy to use... This a game-changer!

  • bx_limiter True Peak

    David Kalmusky

    Multi Platinum Producer, Engineer, Mixer & Guitarist (Shawn Mendes, Keith Urban, Megan Trainor)

    Hands down, now my favorite limiter plugin!

  • bx_limiter True Peak

    Craig Bauer

    Grammy nominated Mixing Engineer (Rihanna, Kanye West, Public Enemy)

    Well... this just destroyed my go-to master fader limiter. Compared at equal level.

  • bx_limiter True Peak

    Greg Wells

    Grammy-winning producer, mixer, songwriter (Taylor Swift, Adele, Pharrell Williams, Kid Cudi)

    It's the best limiter I've ever used. It's everything I want a limiter to be and never has been until this.

  • bx_limiter True Peak

    Kane Churko

    Producer, Songwriter, Mixer (Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch, Ozzy Osbourne)

    Brainworx bx_limiter True Peak sounds fantastic. I have experimented with it for a couple of days now and it's sooo clean-sounding. Lots of flexibility without overcomplicating things. Engineers are going to love this!