Industry Reviews

  • bx_masterdesk Classic

    DJ Burn One

    DJ & Record Producer (Gucci Mane, A$AP Rocky, Yelawolf)

    The bx_masterdesk Classic is a quick way to add that extra pop to a mix. I used it extensively on our latest batch of original samples and I love how it helps fill the speakers out with a few simple clicks. You get that extra fullness without having to spend a bunch of time dialing it in.

  • bx_masterdesk Classic


    Electronic Music Producer & Live Act

    I've tried it out for a couple of different songs by now. I honestly love it! It's a fantastic tool to get your pre-masters in shape for the dancefloor within minutes. I like how the choices are narrowed down for me from an engineering perspective. It makes the process and ability to commit easier. Great work!