Industry Reviews

  • Paul Godfrey
    Paul Godfrey

    They’ve nailed it again. I love elysia hardware and the karacter is no exception. This virtual version has that same cool fuzz I can dial in exactly the way I want it.

  • James Wiltshire
    James Wiltshire

    Modern mixing and production is often all about controlled distortion and this near perfect emulation of elysia’s hot box is invaluable in getting level, punch and even fire into your sounds. With careful control this can set your beats and basses alive. Essential tools once again from Plugin Alliance.

  • David Arnold
    David Arnold

    karacter will let you be as subtle or as extreme as you like. On one hand it’s a mastering tool adding bite, grit, depth and presence to any number of individual or summed sounds. On the other it’ll grind up and spit out tube and tape style distortion/saturation effects. Almost an instrument in itself if you want it to be.

  • Josh Newell
    Josh Newell

    karacter may have just become my new favorite drum buss plugin. You can add some character (no pun intended) to lackluster drums by adding some pleasing THD, or you can really crank it and get some amazingly trashy and crunchy drums that are still really pleasing to the ear.

  • Deniz Koyu
    Deniz Koyu

    This is one of the most musical sounding saturation/distortion plugins that I’ve ever heard! Even with heavy distortion on a drum buss it will smash the transients in a really pleasant sounding way that a compressor just can’t do.

  • D. Ramirez
    D. Ramirez

    Wow - elysia karacter is something else! Tons of vibe & colour from this stereo saturator ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous - I can enhance a stereo signal or completely destroy it! There’s even an M/S mastering version giving me the ability to saturate and enhance the sides signal separately from the mid, completely bringing my mixes alive!

  • Adam Moseley
    Adam Moseley

    It certainly adds character…very warm and clean distortion or saturation tones that can be easily and precisely dialed in. It can really add bite, definition and punch to a sound.

  • Trehy Harris
    Trehy Harris

    The elysia karacter mix plugin adds warmth, width, and musical color to any track or bus you desire. The master version adds stereo controls that allow you to create unique stereo saturation on the overall mix.

  • Brian Malouf
    Brian Malouf

    In a marketplace that seems saturated with saturation plugins that help the digital soundscapes we work in feel warm and 'analog-y,' this plugin has a place – a really unique and great place, and I would highly recommend trying it out!

  • Katie Tavini
    Katie Tavini

    The elysia karacter is a saturation plugin that is super diverse. It can really thicken up a track, and the m/s feature means you have so much more control over which parts of the mix you want to affect.

  • Stonebridge

    elysia karacter… what can I say? You can smash it as much as you like, but can also be as hi-fi and FET as you want. Love the presets too, very handy and many just ready to go, and the mix blend function is great to keep transients. Did I mention they look really cool too - recommended!

  • Ethan Mates
    Ethan Mates

    elysia has a knack for making products with features you didn’t know you needed until you tried them, and the karacter plugin is no exception. Turbo Boost is awesome! Crank it up until it sounds crazy, and then back off the mix until you find the sweet spot. Super fun.