Industry Reviews

  • Soma

    Simon Li

    Faye Wong 王菲, Eason Chan 陳奕迅, Waa Wei 魏如萱, Lala Hsu 徐佳瑩

    I have my Knif Soma hardware EQ since 2014. It’s one of the best sounding mastering EQ out there. Congrats to Jonte and the Brainworx team to produce such a faithful recreation of the hardware in a software form.

  • Soma

    Zino Mikorey

    Mastering Engineer (Nils Frahm, Thom Yorke, Filous x The Kooks)

    I love this EQ, and I'm using it everywhere right now!

  • Soma

    Eric Racy

    Mixing Engineer & Producer (Katy Perry, Pharrell, Lil Wayne)

    It's a tool unlike any other EQ I've used and the idea of a plugin version has had me more excited than any EQ emulation plugin in recent memory. You realize the genius of it a little more, each time you sit down with it.

  • Soma

    Brian Vibberts

    Grammy Winning Mixing Engineer (Chick Corea, Sting, Metallica, Disney, Michael Jackson)

    The Knif Audio Soma EQ is easy to use and sounds fantastic on everything I tried it on - kick, snare, overheads, vocal, piano, mix bus! The sound of the EQ is smooth and I love the width options. Soma EQ is already in my mixes.

  • Soma

    Brian Malouf

    Producer and Mixer (Michael Jackson, Queen, Madonna, Pearl Jam, Stevie Wonder)

    Whether you’re using the unit as a rich, high quality software mastering EQ, or as a sweet sounding EQ while you’re still mixing, this unit gives you options and abilities not found in any other passive EQ circuit I’ve seen. Fun stuff.

  • Soma

    Mike Kalajian

    Grammy nominated Mastering Engineer (A Day to Remember, Papa Roach, The Bronx, Saosin)

    I've owned a Soma since 2015, and have used it on every single master I've done since then. This plugin absolutely captures that familiar vibe I instantly fell in love with.

  • Soma

    Maor Appelbaum

    Mastering Engineer (Faith No More, Yes, Sepultura)

    The Kniff Soma had become one of the sought after modern EQs in the market, due to its clear yet pleasing sound and the ability to work in both dual mono and MS mode. The Plugin version of it sounds really smooth and easy on the ears. Great Job guys !!!

  • Soma

    Lucas (Luke) Pimentel

    Grammy & Dove nominated, Gold, Platinum & Diamond awarded Mastering Engineer (Jeremy Riddle, Miel San Marcos, Marcos Witt)

    The SOMA EQ will get used more often than any other ITB EQ emulation I own. It’s not invasive and yet adds just the right amount of color to the program. It was definitely worth waiting for!!

  • Soma

    Carlos King

    Sound Engineer (Machine Gun Kelly, Ariana Grande, Ciara)

    Knif's Soma is a great addition to my arsenal. It's very smooth and just does its job. Perfect for my stereo bus and masters!

  • Soma

    Craig Bauer

    GRAMMY-winning mixing engineer (Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Public Enemy)

    Back in my analog outboard days, there was a well known and very high end analog parametric EQ that went on every kick, snare and lead vocal on every single mix for many years. I had yet to find it's equal in the digital domain....until now. The KNIF SOMA functions and sounds every bit as great as that analog staple. I can think of 8200 reasons why this just became my new "go to" EQ.

  • Soma

    Glenn Schick

    Mastering Engineer (Future, J. Cole, Missy Elliot)

    I'm thrilled to see Jonte's brilliant, powerful & exquisite sounding EQ now available from Plugin Alliance. It's a great, warm hug, to have my old friend back in my arsenal again!

  • Soma

    James "Fluff" Harley

    Producer & Mixing Engineer (KoRn, Prince, Yumi Matsutoya)

    This thing is crazy musical. It’s a must have for your mixes. Incredible job done with this one!

  • Soma

    Dom Sigalas

    Producer & Sound Designer (Universal Music, StudioCanal, Sony)

    I love it! This eq is so natural and the curves you can achieve with it are just to die for!

  • Soma

    Chris Collier

    Producer & Mixing Engineer (KoRn, Whitesnake, Prong)

    This is a very open sounding eq… an instant analog feel and sound. You guys have done it again!