Industry Reviews

  • 354E

    Josh Newell

    Producer, Engineer, Mixer (Linkin Park, Anthrax, Avril Lavigne)

    I put the Lindell 354E on the stereo buss of a mix I was working on, and it glued the track together perfectly. This thing rules.

  • 354E

    Ethan Mates

    Engineer (Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, J-Lo, Tupac, Tom Petty)

    The 354E has a new home on my parallel drum buss! Having all the features of a modern multiband compressor, but with vintage tonality, is super useful, and it can easily do what would otherwise require three or four plugins with side chains, filters, saturation, and all kinds of routing. It also kills on piano and big rock guitars, and fans of the original vintage circuit will find a ton of new uses for it.

  • 354E

    Thomas Gold

    Producer/DJ (Armada, Axtone, Protocol, Revealed)

    Loving this one -- it’s a beast! I could instantly blow up the kick out of a full drum loop without affecting the rest of the sounds. I was able to warm up a vocal and give it some nice attitude in a second. Also on the mix buss, the 354E works amazingly -- fat and warm, and if you like, you can go crazy with the 'Nuke' button. 10/10!

  • 354E

    David Arnold

    Composer (Casino Royale, Independence Day, Sherlock)

    The 354E retains all the detail of the original signal but gives the frequencies you need help with plenty of extra punch and bite. The filter stage is smooth and subtle, unless you want to drive it hard, in which case, it can roar.

  • 354E

    Michael Zimmerling

    (Bloc Party, Simply Red, Will Young)

    The Lindell 354E is my #1 choice for glueing everything together and making it sound humongous at the same time. With the Multiband, M/S and 'SMASH' switch, the 354E can deliver new sounds which I never heard in my dreams. Also great to bring out the ticking of your Cuckoo Clock from next door.

  • 354E

    Greg Wurth

    Producer, Engineer (Greg Wurth Audio, Steve Vai)

    There is a lot to like about the 354E’s quality of performance. I love that each band has M/S capabilities. It adds some nice punch and glue without ruining anything.  I love how the interface is big as well so it’s easy to read.  It’s got the vibe and mojo that would make it a go-to plugin for me.

  • 354E

    Jody Wisternoff

    DJ, Producer (Way Out West)

    A beautifully laid out and great sounding multiband comp. The amount of control this gives me over the mix is incredible; having m/s on the three bands is very powerful and I really feel I am able to tighten things up to the next level. The 'Nuke' button is a nice touch too, if you wanna go super aggressive. Overall, a brilliant mix tool and will definitely become part of my arsenal.

  • 354E

    James Wiltshire

    Producer (Freemasons, F9 Audio)

    I was enjoying this a lot... Then I found the Nuke button -- then my brain exploded. When used in parallel I can't think of a single other device that does what this does -- future-retro exactly where it counts.

  • 354E

    Lee Slater

    Producer/Mixer/Engineer (Emeli Sande, Roots Manuva, Lana del Rey)

    The 2254 is/was the king of punchy compression, now reimagined for modern mixing as a complete mulitiband beast. My mixes are bigger, wider, punchier and have more space and air because of it. Completely versatile as the standard 2254. Basses are big and round, drums vicious and guitars cut through the mix like a chainsaw.

  • 354E

    Dana Nielson

    Engineer/Mixer/Musician/Producer (Adele, Avett Brothers, Damien Rice)

    Most multiband compressors, for good reason, are pretty sterile. The Lindell 345E however is a vibe machine with character for days, a lethal combination of accuracy and attitude. And it’s got a ‘mix’ knob!

  • 354E

    Junkie XL

    Multi Platinum Producer, Musician, Composer

    I was blown away when I received this plugin. It is able to compress extremely aggressively on drums and guitars but also incredibly smoothly on vocals. This will be my go-to compressor on strings and brass. It has a very nice analogue feel to it and is very easy to set.