Industry Reviews

  • 902 De-Esser

    Rafael "Anthem" Brown

    Producer, Mixing Engineer & Sound Designer (Kanye West, Nas, Big Sean)

    Lindell Audio 902 is thick and smooth. Very useful to dial in to what you want to hear!

  • 902 De-Esser

    Jesse Ray Ernster

    Grammy-winning Mixing Engineer (Kanye West, UMI, Burna Boy)

    I have found my new favorite de-esser. This resembles the brilliant volume attenuation that the classic units are known for (and of course it rocks on overhead cymbals too!)

  • 902 De-Esser

    Paul "Willie Green" Womack

    The Roots, Wiz Khalifa, ScHoolboy Q

    Sometimes the best solution to an issue is the simple one that just sounds right. The Lindell 902 gets the job accurately, easily, and most importantly - it sounds great! The straightforward controls and transparent sound handle sibilance with ease, leaving your mind at ease to focus on the creative parts of mixing.

  • 902 De-Esser

    Eryck Bry

    Music Producer, Mixing Engineer, Composer

    Simple, effective and incredibly authentic, the Lindell 902 De-esser is a must have in your mixing arsenal!

  • 902 De-Esser

    Mat Mainhard

    Mix Engineer & Producer (Georgia Ku, Jack Price, National Geographic)

    This feels like using the original hardware, but with very welcomed added features. It sounds great. The flexibility and ease to use just makes it a go-to for me. I’m officially retiring my hardware 902!

  • 902 De-Esser

    Koen Heldens

    Mixing Engineer (XXXTentacion, Trippie Redd, Swae Lee)

    The hardware dbx902 has long been my favorite De-Esser and most personal wished for in plugin format. What makes the dbx902 so exceptional is its simple controls and no threshold. A true set and forget tool. The ability to de-ess vocals in a very transparent matter regardless of them being loud or soft in the next passage is truly amazing!

  • 902 De-Esser

    Tory G

    Producer & Audio Engineer (DJ Zenas, Kidd Dripp & KAI SNO)

    The Lindell 902 is an incredibly easy to use De-esser, but it is the most musical one at that! With additional features, engineers can dial in the perfect settings for sibilance control all while avoiding that weird muffled vocal sound!