Industry Reviews

  • Magnum-K

    Dave Pensado

    Grammy Winning Mix Engineer/Host of Pensado’s Place (Michael Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce)

    The MAGNUM K plugin is a true Innovation in dynamics. Modeled after the hardware of the same name it is a necessary piece of gear in every engineers rack. The plugin version also has MS, width and 20 TMT modeled analog channels. This is the same technology found in Bx consoles. But the most important element is it has that Cliff Maag musicality and usefulness. Please check out a demo for yourself.

  • Magnum-K

    F. Reid Shippen

    10 Grammy Awards (Death Cab for Cutie, Backstreet Boys, Disney)

    The MAGNUM is the miracle for your mix buss- the perfect high/low end eq and a limiter to die for... i can’t imagine not using this forever.

  • Magnum-K

    Andy Bradfield

    The Magnum K is as Butter smooth as the EQ4 that went before This is a mastering plug in that would be equally at home on a drum bus or vocal chanel I thought it wasn’t doing much - then i switched it out! and quick switched in back in :) I LOVE the fact you can limit the range of the compressor, and you also get a stereo width & a HP filter into the bargain! PA + Maag have done it again.

  • Magnum-K

    Ralf Hildenbeutel

    Producer / Artist / Musician

    The Maag Magnum K immediately worked for me, I used it on a stereo mix as well as on busses, the “opening” effect was great and the mix got really big. As a fan of Maag´s EQ’s, especially the Air Band, I like the EQ section is part of it. All in all, a very intuitive workflow with a lot of possibilities (just think of the two serial compressor sections..)

  • Magnum-K

    Audio Militia Studios

    We love the depth we can get in M/S compression and that typical Maag weight and Sparkle we can add with the EQ .Brainworx have done it again another beast of an emulation with flawless detail.

  • Magnum-K

    Jam El Mar

    DJ / Music Producer

    The Magnum-K is a dream team of the superior Maag EQ sound in combination with a faithful musical Compressor. Like a channel strip with a great analog sounding character - defo in my favourite list of PlugIns!

  • Magnum-K

    Radium Audio

    It’s a powerhouse of sonic sculpting that enables you to bring out the best characteristics of a sound, its a secret toolkit! As we tend to dive quite deep into our sound worlds. - Getting the MAAG was very cool as it does so much, and its just one plugin, this will be used A LOT for our sound design, and our film trailer music.

  • Magnum-K

    Buck Snow

    7x Grammy Award Winning Mixer

    I really like the Magnum-K on my mix bus. The MAGNUM COMP is very easy to dial in to make my mix punchier. I find most digital compressors when used on the bus end up making the mix sound flat or over-compressed. But the Magnum Compressor is punchy and transparent and really enhances the energy of the song. The K COMP works wonders to smooth out the painful midrange area without making things dull and uninteresting. I can really push the excitement right up to the threshold of pain, but the K COMP keeps it from getting unpleasant. The inclusion of the Maag EQ makes it really easy to dial in the right amount of smooth air and punchy sub bass without having to resort to another plugin. Having all three modules in one plug-in makes it my go-to bus processor. I love this thing!!