Industry Reviews

  • V76U73

    Greg Wells

    Grammy-winning producer, mixer, songwriter (Taylor Swift, Adele, Pharrell Williams, Kid Cudi)

    It’s so f*$!ing cool! This plugin has a major vibe… excellent work, folks!

  • V76U73


    Latin Grammy Winning Producer, Engineer, Mixer

    The NEOLD V76U73 is a beast of a compressor capable of making everything sound huge with a musical taste. The compression this unit brings is addictive.

  • V76U73

    Jason LaRocca

    Producer, Engineer, Scoring Mixer

    The NEOLD V76U73 is a serious beast. I am using it now on my mixes for Assassin's Creed Valhalla and it is just making everything sound big and open.

  • V76U73

    Brian Vibberts

    Grammy Winning Mixing Engineer (Chick Corea, Sting, Metallica, Disney, Michael Jackson)

    I love using the V76U73 to give my drums more punch and to get rock guitars to pop out of the speakers and be strong in the mix!

  • V76U73

    Dave Pensado

    Grammy Winning Mix Engineer/Host of Pensado’s Place (Michael Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce)

    The V76U73 is a combination of two rare and highly coveted pieces of audio gear as the name implies. It is essentially a tube channel strip that faithfully emulates the finest of German technology. (And adds a few modern touches.) Today we use less EQ and shape our sounds more with harmonics, saturation, and distortion. The V76U73 has become my favorite tool for this. Please check it out I am sure it will take your creativity new heights! Way to go Plugin Alliance.

  • V76U73

    Damien Lewis

    Grammy nominated Mixing Engineer (Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce)

    The Neold V76U73 brings that instant warm character to any source you put it on. You were lucky to have access to a pair of them in the studio, now I can get that feeling natively on as many tracks as I like.

  • V76U73

    Tom Van Den Heuvel

    Mixing Engineer

    Shaping the vibe of a mix is a crucial part of my work, the V76U73 adds this elegant and classy mojo that makes mixes not only sound like a record but a super great record!

  • V76U73


    Music Producer & DJ

    The sound of NEOLD V76U73 is very pleasant. The compressor transformers are amazing. I really like the sound of the harmonics for EDM as well. I tested it especially on percussion and drums kits to take advantage of this compressor attack and the sound is quite unique.