Industry Reviews


    Eddie Torres

    International Award Winning Film Composer, Music Producer, Musician

    Infusing my music and studio sessions with the timeless sounds of vintage compression, NEOLD WUNDERLICH's plugin by Plugin Alliance takes my music to an era of classic sounds adding nostalgic warmth. Whether applying directly to my instruments or in the mix, it’s just musical for me. Great job once again.


    Federico "OORA" Chiesa

    Music Composer / Synth Enthusiast

    I love how NEOLD WUNDERLICH glues together my modular takes. A great plugin for analog sound lovers!


    Ralf Hildenbeutel

    Producer / Artist / Musician

    A really smooth & warm compressor which seems to breathe life into the signal. Even with very hard compression (which I sometimes like on pianos) it still sounds natural. The smooth EQ (and drive) section is a great addition which I use more often as I expected. One of those tools which work immediately. No-brainer.


    William J. Sullivan

    Producer / Mixer / Writer (Kid Cudi, Paris Texas)

    I was psyched to try out the NEOLD WUNDERLICH! Just inserting it and not touching anything gives you a vibe right off the bat. With this plug-in I can obliterate something or smooth things out. The “time” knob is nice to help break the edges on source material or give drum busses a vintage feel.