Industry Reviews

  • IRON

    Gentry Studer

    I downloaded the plug in, I've had to shoot it out against the real thing on every project, just to see how it stacks up. You guys did an amazing job with the plug in. Everything from the color it imparts of just running it through the plug in, to all the differences between all the rectifiers, the bias settings, the way the attack and release times react, the curves of the "AirBass" and "Tape Roll-Off", even down to the way the VU's smoothly move, and what happens when you push both version to their limits!

  • IRON

    Michael Romanowski

    Alicia Keys, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, G-Love, Zigaboo Modeliste, Lady Gaga, Train, America, Too $hort

    I use the hardware SPL Iron for my mastering everyday. What I love about it is the tonal and dynamic flexibility is has for every style of music. And it’s always smooth and musical. Brainworx nailed the Plugin version. Not only does it sound fantastic, but it also has some added features that the hardware version does not have. With standard features such as parallel and mid/side processing, there are even more nice additions. I really like the Monomaker and the Stereo-izer. And the subtle differences with the channel choices (TMT) give great flexibility and musical variation. With the Plugin version of the SPL Iron, I can now use the compressor across many different channels, with many different intentions on the same mix projects! Very Well Done SPL and Brainworx!

  • IRON

    Brendan Duffey

    When I need a tool that gives me a plethora of gain, tone and shape controls the Iron Mastering Compressor is the first thing I turn to. The Iron Plugin has all the controls features of the hardware along with some incredibly useful additions. This is a tool that is awesome both in and out of the box.