Industry Reviews

  • Unfiltered Audio Bundle

    BT (Brian Wayne Transeau)

    Musician, Composer, Singer, DJ and Audio Technician

    Unfiltered Audio is a kind of industry secret for the cool kids in need of FSU mayhem. Their plugins are extremely deep and elegant and allow you to go places in the software domain, typically only achievable on modern modular synthesizers. Phenomenal plugins.

  • Unfiltered Audio Bundle

    Richard Devine

    Sound Designer/Artist (Hollywood Edge, Sound Delux, Sony Creative Software)

    I am a big fan of their plugins. I love the modular approach to patching which opens up a lot of interesting possibilities for creating new sounds.

  • Unfiltered Audio Bundle

    Jam El Mar

    DJ / Music Producer

    Unfiltered Audio stands for the unheard electronic sound! I'll always use their tools if I want something different and experimental.