Industry Reviews

  • Indent 2

    Ethan Mates

    Engineer (Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, J-Lo, Tupac, Tom Petty)

    I love all things saturation, and Indent is actually bringing something new to the table here! The filters sound really cool, and the modulation section adds an element of movement that most plugs of this sort are completely missing. Completely mangling something, and then backing off the mix control until it sits perfectly in your mix is awesome. Great tool.

  • Indent 2

    Greg Wurth

    Producer, Engineer (Greg Wurth Audio, Steve Vai)

    Indent and Dent are great new plugins that allow you to [email protected]#$ up your tracks in a very unique and musical way!

  • Indent 2

    Matt Lange

    Producer/Composer/DJ (mau5trap, isoRhythm, Anjunadeep)

    Even as a little sibling, Indent is great for quick, dirty, and aggressive distortion.

  • Indent 2

    Neil Citron


    Indent is a very easy and cool way to bring distortion into your mix. Using the cutoff and rez controls together, you can tune the distortion to the pitch of your source making it a part of the sound and less of a generic tape saturation. Very usable!

  • Indent 2

    Rogerio Jardim

    Drummer/Singer/Producer (Infected Mushroom)

    Such an awesome tool for sound design/producing... definitely adds some “spice” to any instrument; also great on drums, allowing me to create very unique loops.

  • Indent 2

    Dave Isaac

    Producer/Mixing Engineer (Madonna, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin)

    The Unfiltered Indent plugin is my new secret weapon for electric, synth, and upright bass. I can go from something that makes the bass cut through any track, to a nice ‘70s and ‘80s rubberband-like bass. Use this in EDM, dubstep, or house, and prepare to be amazed!

  • Indent 2

    Soundprank/Colin E. Fisher

    Anjunabeats, Armada, Enhanced Music

    What I would consider the 'little' brother to Unfiltered Audio's Dent plugin, this is no lesser in terms of functionality and ease of use. I love how fast and quick you can get results that sound super aggressive and cutting.