With the M1 update you got one of the most exciting PA updates of all time. This new architecture gives you the most power and performance out of our products. Our development team did its best to fully optimize our products for this platform. Maybe you have some questions now. Here are the answers!

How do I update?
To get all products that you own updated to the latest version incl. M1 support, download the Installation Manager, go to: “My Products” choose “Select All” and click “Download & Install”.

To see and download just M1 compatible products that you own, go to: “Native M1 Products” - “Select All” - jump over to “My Products” - “Download & Install”

To double-check which products are natively M1 compatible in general, please check the category “Native M1 Products”. There you can find all our products that are supported. If you don`t own any products in this list yet, feel free to download the products of your choice and start a trial.

Should I update my products, even if I don't have an M1 computer?
Definitely! Besides the optimizing performance for the M1 platform, we improved all our products for the Intel platform as well. Find out more about all recent improvements here.

How do I make sure I get the right installer for M1 or Intel?
The M1 and the Intel version are both included in the product installer. The host will automatically select the needed format by itself.

Why is AAX missing?
Currently, Avid does not natively support the M1 platform with their ProTools software.

When will the missing plugins become available?
The next wave of PA products with M1 compatibility will follow on March 31. We'll keep you updated.

Which products are M1 compatible already?

  • ACME Audio
  • A/DA
  • Amek
  • Ampeg
  • Black Box Analog Design
  • Brainworx Audio (except bx_crispytuner / bx_crispyscale)
  • Chandler Limited
  • Dangerous Music
  • Diezel Amps
  • elysia (except for Phil's Cascade)
  • ENGL
  • Friedman
  • Fuchs
  • Gallien Krueger
  • Knif Audio
  • Mäag Audio
  • Millennia
  • Noveltech Audio
  • Pro Audio DSP
  • Purple Audio
  • Shadow Hills Industries
  • SPL (except for Hawkeye)
  • Vertigo Sound