We hear you on social media... you want MORE. More reverbs, more synths, more effects, and more emulations of vintage classic gear - that has been modeled by other plugin companies in many cases already.

But PA simply can't sign every plugin brand exclusively, and we won't recreate every plugin on the planet. Yet we appreciate your will in working with us as your trusted plugin partner - so we've created the 1st Plugin Pop-Up Store ever!

We have signed new & hot external brands with PA_EXT, and the offers will even come with a best-price guarantee for you! Please stay tuned for more info soon!

How does PA_EXT work?

PA_EXT is the 1st pop-up store. We will offer you plugins from our new EXTernal brands with a best price guarantee. These offers will be time limited, valid for 48 hours only! After that time, these offers will be removed from the PA store. PA_EXT brands will not be sold via PA permanently, and they will not be included in our subscription bundles.

1. You purchase at PA

Purchase EXT plugins via plugin-alliance.com just like you are used to. Make sure to follow the PA newsletter so you won't miss any EXT offers!

2. Receive EXT Voucher from PA

You will receive an email from PA with a voucher and the link to the EXT website right after your purchase.

3. Redeem EXT Voucher

Please follow the EXT link in your PA email and redeem your individual code on the EXT page. The EXT page is also where you will download your new plugin.


  • NoiseAsh - Rule Tec Heritage Pro

    Rule Tec Heritage Pro provides the legendary tone is here with all of the legendary signature features including the famous "trick".

    PA_EXT sale: May 05. 2021; January 24. 2022

  • DDMF - ERS 250

    The ERS 250 reverb audio plugin was originally designed and sold by Harrie Munnik and his Dutch company EmptyRoomSystems. DDMF, having been a part in the development of the first version some years ago, is proud to carry on the legacy by distributing and further developing the set of ERS plugins.

    PA_EXT sale: July 14. 2021

  • Tone Empire - OptoRED

    The OptoRED compressor, as the name suggests, is an optical compressor based on the famous American Classic Tube Optical Compressor, found on literally every hit record ever made.

    PA_EXT sale: July 30. 2021

  • BABY Audio - Super VHS

    Six unique effects coming together in a versatile channel strip. Super VHS will add some lo-fi authenticity to whatever clean sound you run through it — especially as you mix and match the effects.

    PA_EXT sale: August 11. 2021

  • Kiive Audio - Tape Face

    Tape Face by Kiive Audio is an analog-modeled emulation of a classic German tape machine with a few added features to give you versatility in every mix!

    PA_EXT sale: August 24. 2021


    KANDY is a bleeding-edge virtual beatmaker, employing extremely processed samples and state-of-the-art sound design for the top of the billboard charts. Easily create beats for the entire bandwidth of modern A-list pop music!

    PA_EXT sale: September 13. 2021

  • sonible - smart:reverb

    smart:reverb is a hybrid plugin that combines the flexibility of a fully parametric reverb with the transparency and sonic integrity of convolution reverbs.

    PA_EXT sale: September 23. 2021

  • Acon Digital - Restoration Suite

    Acon Digital is a Norwegian company that develops cutting-edge audio editing software and processing tools. The wide range of products covers audio editing, restoration, mastering, and effects processing — all conceived with ultimate audio quality and usability in mind.

    PA_EXT sale: October 13. 2021


    The Mix Monolith is another industry first from AYAIC. It is an Automatic Mixing System that utilizes universal level-plane increments of 5dB to help level your tracks with speed and precision in any environment. From individual tracks to buss groups, FX channels to your master fader, the Mix Monolith will create a mix that is balanced and open.

    PA_EXT sale: October 26. 2021

  • Cherry Audio - Voltage Modular Ignite

    Cherry Audio launched in 2018 and was assembled from an innovative group of developers, synthesizer designers, sound programmers, and musicians to turn a dream into reality. 

    PA_EXT sale: November 9. 2021

  • Inphonic Bundle

    Meet the RX950 Classic AD/DA Converter, our first effect plug-in, designed to perfectly mimic the whole AD/DA conversion process of the Akai S950 in order to give your music this vintage, warm and crunchy sound with the ease & flexibility of a VST.

    PA_EXT sale: November 18. 2021

  • MOK - Filtryg

    A professional dual filter effect with deep sound sculpting features to aid in mixing or adding new dimensions in rhythm and timbre to recorded tracks.

    PA_EXT sale: January 12. 2022

  • Mellowmuse - SATV

    SATV is an analog-modelled saturation plug-in that can add harmonic depth and richness to any track. Equally suited to individual instruments or multi-track drum kits, SATV allows you to effortlessly enhance or boost the harmonic content and dynamics of your whole mix.

    PA_EXT sale: February 16. 2022

  • Joey Sturgis Tones - Howard Benson Vocals

    Joey Sturgis Tones announce an all-new vocal mixing plugin, Howard Benson Vocals, the signature vocal chain of legendary producer Howard Benson.

    PA_EXT sale: March 9. 2022

  • Audio Damage - Eos 2 Reverb

    Eos 2 consists of four high-quality reverb algorithms, custom-designed by ValhallaDSP with the modern production environment in mind. Three different plate simulators and the Superhall algorithm deliver a broad palette of reverb colors.

    PA_EXT sale: March 17. 2022

  • Woodlands - WS Lowend

    Featuring smooth, sweet EQ and a high-quality tube audio signal path, WS Lowend is known for its versatility and ease of use. Grab a knob, twist it and everything at the bottom end sounds great.

    PA_EXT sale: March 26. 2022